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Eíirlier otice of the following May numbers of oui1 magazine exchauges has beeu prevented by lack of space. Scrilmer's Monthly has among other papers : Porhaiture oL William Peun, by Frank M. Etting ; The Tiue Pocahontas, being in chieí extracta from the forthcomiug " HiBtory of the United States," by William Cullen Bryaut and Sidney Howard Gay, with íllustrations ; How Shall we Spell Sh-k-sp-r-s Name, by J. H. Gilmore, who adopts Shakapere ; Philip Nolan's Friends, chaps. xn.-xiv., by Edward Everett Hale ; Gabriel Conroy, chaps. xxxm.xxxvii., by tíret Harte ; Bowdoin College, by George Thomas Packard, with numorous íilustrations; Hearing with the Eyes, by James Riohardsou, illus.; John Guttenburg, by Theodore L. DeVinne, illus.; The Wedding at Ogdeu Fare, by Ueorge E. Wanng, Jr.; Revolutionary Letters, fifth paper, by John Vanee Cheney ; Some Experimenta in Co-operation, ñrst paper and full of interest, by Charles Barnard ; Le Coureur des Bois, by Anuie T. Howells ; with poerns by Saxe, Bayard Taylor, Margaret J. Preston, and Mrs. S. M. B Pratt, other stories, sketches, and well filled editorial departmeuts. It is the iuitial number of Vol. XII. Sceibnke & Co., New York. The Atlantic Monthly has : The Khedive and his Court, by Charlea Hale ; The Maduess of George III, by Hezekiah Butterworth ; A Vi8it to a Certain Oíd Gentleman (Pius IX.), by T. B. Aldrich ; Medical Fashions (iu which neither the profession nor the laymen escape), by Edward Spencer ; Private Theatricals, XIII.XV, by W. D. Howells; After the Battle of the Wilderness (epistolary), by Rachel Rollins ; Oíd Womau's 'Josaip, x., Francés Anne Kemble ; Literary Aspects of the Romantic School, by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen ; poems by Harriet Prescott Spofford, C. H. Woodman, Edgar Fawcett, Rose Terry Cooke ; and Literature, Art, Music, and Educational notes. H. O. Houohton & Co., Boston. The Eclectic has, as its most noticeable papers: Modern Materialism, - its attitude towards Theology, being part second of James Martineau's reply to Prof. Tyndall's " Materialisra and its Opponents ;" The Catholic Peril in America, by Francia E. Abbott, who seea safety only in the platform of the extreme " Liberáis "; The Armed Peac of Europe ; Alphouse de Lamartine ; Modern British Poetry ; and First Impresaions of South Africa, by Lady Barker, Three more cbapters are given (xxviu.-xxx.) of Mrs. Alexander's novel, " Her I)eare8t Foe." The portrait of the number is that of Andrew D. White, the same face M a little older grown," once familiar to our citizens, which is aecompanied by a brief biograplucal sketch by the editor. The other papers and the editorial departments are readable. "E. R. Pelton, New York. The attention of lovers of beautiful rose and other flowers is invitad to the card of Joseph T. Phillips, who makes roses a speoialty. We have reaion to knew that Mr. Phillips Bends out nis roses in excellent condition, - well-grown thrifty plants, and well packed. We have also received a package of choice roses trom Hoopes, Bro. & Thomas, ot West Chester, Penn., etrong, thrifty, well-rooted ilants, and packed in such a mannar as to stand transportation over long routes and in XJ?ale Sam's close mail.bags. We feel confidence in recommending this flrm to our lady friends who wish either choice roses or other flowering plants or shrubs. Their prices will be fouud extremely low. Catalogue sent free on application. One of our neighbors says that they would not be without Dr. King's New Discovery for Coughs and Colds if it cost tive dollars a bot;le. It ïuust be good. Tby it Okce.- The manufacturera of the Best Chemical Saleratus, Messrs. D. B. DeLand & Co., show their readiness to have the merïts of the article tested, for they authorize all who sell it at retail to refund the mouey when jy fair trial it does not prove to be as recommended. That is fair and shows their confidence in the article. It is better than Soda and muoh cheaper than Baking Powder. If you wish to buy a New Excelsior jawn Mower - either No. 2 or 3- you can get one cheap by applying at the Argus Office. No better Lawn Mower is made. _LB We the undersigned have tested the Heekendorn Plow on our own farms, with the Oliver and Gale, uDder the saiue c'rcumstances, and prefer the Heckcndorn by great odds, it being the best in every respect. John C. Bird, Bernard Kenau, John Beek and Joba Armbruster, Harvey Rosier Casper Wagoner, Augus. Peters. Any farmer de iring to purchase a plow has the privilege of testng them together the entire season, and keep which they like best. ANN AEBOR AGR'L CO.


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