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TUK BAST. An offer haa made by Oarvey, the plasterer. and Keyser, tho plumber of the Tweed ! ring, to rentoro to the city of New York their reopective sharesof the stealing in wbich they were instrumental as scon as the amounts can bo aoeertained. They wish tö be let out of tho civil miits for recovery of the plunder on the erais. DoLAN, the mmdoror of Mr. James II. Noo, B New York mcrohant, was hanged iu that city lant cok. . . .Thomas W. Piper, undcr sentonce of death in lïoHton for the murder of the little (jirl Mabel Young, in the belfry of a fhnrcb. ha made a slatoment to tho effect that the niri was Killed by a trap-door falling upon her. and that ho profesed ignorance of the tragedy on account of a fear that ho would bo chargedwith mnrdeiiiig her. IIi Htory is not credited. PiiEsiDEST Ghant visited Thiladelphia last week for the puipose of eoeing the present coudition of the Centonnial gronnde. K Tlymoltu Chtjiicu bas decidcd to have the Bcecher scandal again investigatod. THE WEST. The municipal olection in Chicago, last week, resnlted in Uie choice of the entiro Hopublicau ticket, with tho exception of City Trcasurer, by about 5,000 niajonty. Clinton )5riggn. tho Democratie notniuee, was elected Treasursr by 5,203 majority. The City Council is hirgely Republican and auti-Colviu. Thomas Hoyne was united npon by all piuties íor Mayor, áud was elected witbont opposition. But aa no elcction for Mayor liad 'uwu lepallynuthorized, Biid tlio present ineuinbent, Colvin, luis cxpresned Iiïh dctcrmination not to yield up the office, it is not iikely that Jlr. Hóyne Mili be inducted into tho oflice. Over 50,000 votea wero polled, au nnueually largo nutnber for a local eontest Chicago elevatoria as per official figura p, eontain 2.8'.)2,3'J0 bubels of wheat, l,G8S.376bii8hole of corn, 063.977 buahels cf oats, 104,039 busliels of rye, and 223,496 biisbels of barley, making a grand total of 5,572,878 buaheü, against 6.055,733 bushel at this period last year. .. .liio Toledo Hade publishes cotuproUODS'Te crop reporta from oyer two liuudrod poiote ni OÍiip, Iicliigaa, Iudiaua, and Illinois, whlch indícate cbat tbe prospecte of n beat in the principal vlmat-producing regions in thc9e State are uuivniully good. Fruit everywbere is repoited as looluug uuunuaüy well. Dom Pedro paid a ttjing visit to Chicago tho ctlior day, mcrely passing througb tbe city on his way to San Franciacn. A man nained Jlillyan, who anived at Fort Laramie from tbe Black Hilla last week, reporta tbat bia party was attacked by Indiana in lied Canon, near Cheyeune river ranche, abont üfty miIcB from Gaster. A few of the party eacaped to tbe rancho. Mr. and Mra. Jletz, of Laramie City. were killed. A colored woman was taken priaoner. A man named Simpsou wai alao killed. Tlireo men were wounded, it ia thongbt mortally. A max, bis wife and tbreo okildren were cently murdered by Indiana at a place 100 miles j from Custer City. Groat troublo from the Iudians ia approhended in the Black Hills country. Tlio Cheyennes havo broken np into sinall bands for maraudiog purposcs. A party of minera had a figlit with ono of these roving bands rocoutlv, in which one Indian was killed and two niiners wouuded. The minora held their grouud and drove the Indiana oíT Wliilo ñve persons wore descending acoal haft at Biown s Station on the Coiumbua branch of the Kt. LoniH. Kansas and Northern railroad one day last week, the rope broke. and all feil to the bottom, over 100 feet. Two men and a hoy wero instantly killed, and the otlier two fatally injnred. The City National Bank of Chicago has sus1 pended, and will go in. o bankruptcy. The aesets more tb a'i cover the iiabilities Tno railroad projecta fit d adberents in Northern WiflCünsin. The Wisconsin Midland road is to run sonthwest, tbrough Marquette, Portage and Mineral Point to Dubuqne ; the Wisconsin and Lake Superior, from OshkoBh noithward to the shores of Lake Supeiior. Aid in larcö amouuta ha a'readv been nledeed to both roads. SOUTH. Tui; annnal flood in the Mississippi river is nuusiially disastroua this seaaon. Jlany break havo occurred in the levees, and irmch valuablo country iuundated by tlio oscaping waters. The damast it is estimated, wiñ each soveral millions of dollars. Fivk murderers- three Indians, a white man, and a negro- were executed at Fort Smith, Ark., on the 21st of April. . . . At St. Louis, last week, William Cooper, a jilted lover, went to the house where hia amo, Mollie Dean, was wc rking as a sorvant, and shot her throngh the head, from the effect of which slio died shortly af ter. Cooper then put a ball into his own bram, inflicting a mortal wound. WASHINGTON. It te said ex-Sccretary Belknap and his frienda are collectiDg material to make out a case against Gon. Cuater with a view to having him tried by court-maitial beforo Gen. Terrvat St. Paul Washington dispatches say tbere ia no truth in the report that Gen. Scbenck will return to London au our Miniater. It in also BUted that tbo committeo inventigatiug the Kmma mine business, will absolvehitn fromauy 'audulent intention in the transaction. The President has appointed Michael Schaeffer, of Illinois, Chief-justice of Utah ; Elieha F. Forry, Governor of Washington Territory : nd Joseph C. Wiluon, Collector of Internal Kcvenue for Colorado .... It èeems that Torn heott has encountered nomo formidable rivala before tlio Cougrotsional committee. It is stated that reaponsiblo parties have mado a prorxHitioii to the committeo to complete the Southern Pncilic road for the amount of the land graut. to comraouco without dolay aud continue operatioos uutil it in.fiuishcd, and to mabe a depoit of ï3.i)i;0,C00 as a pledgo to the (lovprumeutof thegoodfaithof thepropositiou . . . .The Secretory of War haH directod tlio military commanders along tlieliio Grande tograu! protection to American citizens agaiust the lawleas outragca of the Mexican greasero, and to enforce thia i f it is neceasaiv- to croas the river aud protect them by force A W aulnngton diapatch says : ' ■ Tüo CommiVteo on F.xpeuditurtn in the Trensurv departmeut, in eiamiuing the accounts of the bureau of captured a-ad abandoned propr rtv haa discover.Hi that proporty of immense va'luo is unaccouLted for. The responsibilitfor much of this ia directly traceable to SimSPüraper, of d iad " formcr Governmont agent, now A valuare horse and buggy waa stolen from President Graut a few nights ago.... Tho appropriations for tho postal service for the noxt fiscal ycar, au agreednpon in committee, are tS.600,000 lesa than last year, but foot "ofreáUCÜXa tU"e larg6 aggrTumi.: is erioua danger of a doad-lcck botwoen the two holmes of Congrees on the approprintion Uil.... The Joint Oongresmonal Committee on the tibrary haa decided to recommend the ïmmcdiato beginning of a new building for the Library of Cou-rees The qucstion of location whih has defaved ac'tion fvotn ycar tojear, was compromiaed; and the sitoof the botanical gd5, Joat át the foot ol I eunsylvauia avenue, was clicseu The HOMO Committee on tbo Freedmana Savings bank haa succeded in finding ovidence to buoV'ihTbaük! argOT againit 80vcral mc"rB Gen. Belknap haa writtcn alettartoafrieud, denying in positivo terms that )ie has made any confesaiou whatever concerniug tho charges against him relativo to the Fort Sill poet-traderof ti,TT t Í0Cmionof tl10 Supremo court -k-clwe !i r "' ,rendcred a féw days ago, Hot 4, r ""llvI""l claims lo the Arkansax tho r i m an1 fixLS tieöüeta tofitu ?tatolvi-Mda were Pcuedat tho tieaBiuy last week for the salo of live per cent Jan 20 187!y .le -eta of JuJy " 1870. and tei v fr'om Vr' b,ear"K intctctit lavable quartotal h,vi total' amount of W,888,000. The ïïlHVag8rPb'",1M 62,447,000, at pnces ranglog batween .f Io2.25 and lü3.78 inclnnive. QKNEKAL. Tuk ship Victorv, fromSWelds, England, for Ban Francisco, was recentlv lont at sca All Öwat diatroas prevails among the people of t lat remóte and in the winter inaccesible cor'mo,M, ih1 V,omi"io"' the f'Po diitriet, at tho SZÏl 'f rJ1Ver "vrence. Feed for uumalB and food for men are about exhusted. i, ,vn,'f '?rrorB of Cual atsrvation can onlv benveited by a „peedy opt.„iug of Iiavigatiou-. Aii. the svailablo naval force now at Hampt n r.oads has been ordered to rondezvous at Tampico, for tbo purpoge of watoUog the Kio Grande, and protecting merican rejtdenti in the border towiis. Tuk reply of Belknap"s lawyerb to the ple&dmgs of tbj impono'imcn mïuagers aets up, i fior tho ciwtc mary genera] denials, that Oljroer'a ro.i raitlee had no authority from the House to investígate the matters on which the Impeaohjntnt has bceu based ; and relates how ÍSe.knap proponed to adin t tho rïceipt of all the mims mentione I by .tlarsh, on condition t iat Ciymer wouldiu)preaB Mr. Jïelknap'aconneötion withthe uas iu, Olymer rejeoted thia prpositio, iiud i.oti ied tbs -Hccretary that imifta.elime it wtntl 1 b i movd, iinlo.HB hê reaigucd ii furu n lui if tho ! ! 'if Msroh, and how lijll:iH, tu avoiü tht BCuidul of such a tria], and to profeet ]iíh wife, actod upou Clymor'H demaud aud chd resign before noon of that day. Upon this curiou Htatcment the ej-Soerctarv claims thit the aubeequent proceedings wero a breach of faith on Clymer's part, and that, therefore, Bolknap uhould bo acquitted, or jurindiction of the case be decliuod by the Benate. FOMTICAL. Tnr. IllinoiH Democratie Convontion will i vene at Hpringfiold ou tho 22d of Juno.... Nebraska eend an uniiiBtriictod delegation to St. Loiü. The Indiana Democratie State Couvontion, wliicli niet at Iudia:iapolis on tho 10 tb. of April, placed iu nominntion tho following tickot: Governor, Jamen D. William-j ; Iiiou tenaiit-goveruor, Isaac 1'. Gray ; Jadges of iho l Ssipreuie conrt, First district, S. H. lhioklrk ; i Second district, A. G. Dqwney; Third district, John Pottit ; Fourth district. Jame L. Worden ; I Seeretary of títtc. John NelT ; Auditor of State, E. Hendei'Hon ; Troasurer, lienjamin C. Shaw ; Attoruey-Reneral, C. A. Bunkirk ; Superintendent of Public Instruction, J. H. Smart ; Clerk of the Supremo court, Gabriel Schmick ; lïoporter of the Supremo courc, AuRiisti: X Uartin. A platform was adopted oommeDding National Houee of Kepresentativoa for its meaHure of retrenchment ; calling for the withdrawal of the National bank noten, and the eubstitution of notes iasued by the Government ; deciaring that tho legal-tender notca conbtituto a safe curroncy, and demanding the repeal or tho ReHumption act of ! 1879 ; deelariug prido in and an intention to ' Btand by the conimoii-school evHtem, and preI erve it from -ci'lai iiinihui ; favorinü the additional pensiODÜlg of tho widowa and children of Federal soldiere ; pledging tho dolegatea to St. Loui to vote nt a uuit; oopoaing the pavment of the bel dobt ; and oIohíhk with a tribute to (ïov. Hendricks as a BiiitableProsideutial candidato. The Connecticut dologation to the National Iiopublicau convoution favor the nomination of Postmaiiter Generai Jewell, and will present his name to Iho convention. The DemocratH of tho Third Indiana district have been notifiei by letter from Speaker Kerr that tho condition of hin health rendera it imposnible for Mm to accept a renomiuation to Congres Tho chief queHtion whieh will govorn the nominatiug conveution of the two political partie in the coming PrcBidcntial campaign, the New York World Hays, i the avaiiability of tbe candúlatou. Tina, it claims, "givcB Tilden an advantage, as ihe State of New York ík looked upou athe fighting ground of the next election - both parties Btippouiug that it may turn the election to one or tlie other of the candidaten, and the most availablo man for New York will be the mot available man for the Democratie convontiou." FOKEIGN. Cable dispatche roport the eevc-ro defeat of j a large TiirkÍBh forcé by insurgent Chrwtiaus. It is also reportect that Count Andrassy will addrea a froah note to the Porte, advocating the claims of the inmirgcnts, and the BowiaD and I Oerman Ambassadoru at Consta ntiuople will be I iiwtructed to support it Hungarian jourual aHHcrt that tho Hervían army, headed by the Belgrade brigade, is on its w&y to tho frontier and will remlezvous at Poupriga. . . .It is reported that the Egyptian army ia surrouuded iu Abyssinia, and in great perif. A cable diapatch saya the three Nortlieru Earopean powers havo intimated to the Porte that if a maasaere ahonld follow tlio arming of the Mohanimedan population a military expeditiou composed of Austmn and Rusaan troop into Turkish territory will certainly be undortaken. A Bkrijn dispatch naya: " The maiatenauce of a complete agreement betweeu the tliree Northern powers is aftirmed. It has boen decided not to take any further steps in the Eastern queation without a previons understauding among themselves and with tho othor guarauteeiug partics." Montenegro haa formaUy áeclared ar against Tiirkey. It ie atated that tho Spanidh Government war cHtimates amouiit to 570, C00, 000 reala, of whicb.48,000,000 aie for extraordinary expenses. The American hore Preakness, eeut over to England to how hia hoela to the native flyers, had the honor of getting in fourth on tïie Neivmarket courao. A Calcctta dispatch says : ' : Sevonteen of tho persons implicated in the niurder of Mr. Margar', of the Eughsh expcdition, aro to be execnted at lïahms, iu May, in the preseuce of a Britiali escort." A telegram from Constantiuoiüe aays : "The Jinglisli and BoBSian Ainbaftsadors liad an interview witli the Grand Vziier. The conferences resulted in au announcement that the Porte liad no intention of declaring war againat Montenegro." Distatches from Matamoraa report that the forces of Diaz have been badly defeated near Monterey IuBtructiona havo been sent to the Auatrian ambaasador at Constanttuople to adviao the Sultan not to declaro war against ! Servia and Montenegro, but triiat to Autia's mediation for an eariy termination of tho inanrreotion and a peacefiil aettlemeut of al] pond ing difticultieii.


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