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Fish Culture In The West

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Prof. apeneer 1 . Baird, Commissioner of Fisheries, has sont a communieation to Cougress asking au appropriation of 17,500 for the purpose of continuing the introduction and propagation of useful food ftshes into the United States the coming scason. Prof. Baird has a table attached to his communication, in whieh he shows the distribution of fish by the coinruission in the different States. The distribution of shad in the Northwestern States for the last j'ear was as followa : IÏ.I.INOIS. Xo. of ñeh. Xo. of iUh. Calumet river 70,0(11:, Hoek river 1SO,OCO INDIANA. White river 481'. iidil, st. Joseyh rivc-. .. 80,000 Wabaxh river 115,001 [ IOWA. Dea Moines river 190,000 m in n toan. Detroit river lC(),OO0(irand river HO.OOO Ml NNE8OTA. Scuiawaf-ee river.. 8O,O0OMissiasippi river. .125,000 WISCON8IN. Po tlvar 70,000 The distilbution of Penobscot salmón transported to new waters in the Northwestern States was as folio ws : Xo. Of li-h. Xo. (if fisi. Calumet river 10,0(11) Illinois river 19,000 IOWA. I)i:i:üiuo creek. . . . 8,0001[owa river K.000 ( lodar river '29 OOOJUaquokebl river. . 4,000 Tiirkey river l",i oupBar creek 14,000 MICHIGAN. T.ord's lake 5:X' rributarics St. Joo Orclmrdlake 800 riv.r 1,500 V;iUs Jak. 50O Kataomzoo rivrr.. 5(H) Wliitniore's lake.. 6(Ji) Grand river 600 ;cc rxi: Muskegon river. .. 1.500 liarrierlake 500 'Tanistee river lSOO Diauioiid lako I.OOk All Sable rirer 17,000 Barren lake 800 Pine river 40.000 I.iilcc near Marshall 500 Salmón creek 40,00) Head waters St. Joe Higgins' lake 32,000 river 500 üowagiacriver. . . . 5,000 North liranch St. Joe river 2,000 .VINXHSOTA. Uuknown lakes aud creeks 18,60) W1SOON8DT. Menomonee river. . 7,0(.0jMadison lake 7,600 Ocouomowoc lake . ],iooiciencva lake 7, L00 Milwaukee river.. . 11000} The transportatioa and distribution of California salmón in now waters in the Northwestern States were as follows : ILLINOIS. Xo. o lixli. A'o. of fish. Calumet river 2S,000 tEöok river 15,000 INDIANA, White river 13,000 Tanuer's creek.... 15,000 imvA. loivii rivor 8.300:Ui({ Koek creek 6,000 Bloody river 28,700 Cedar piver 47,500 Turkuy river 14,6"10 Den Moines river. . 36,400 I,. Maqnoketa river 6,1 OOlBoon river 9,000 Maquoküta river.. 2,000'Twin lakes 10,000 Spring oreek t,6008torm lake ï s a u ps i p i n econ river 37.ii(i MIC)!IïAN. Gull lake 3,0(10 Orand river 12,000 Kalamazou river.. 25,000 Sandetoue creek.. 24,000 liiUterimt creek. .. ,00(f Crouches creek. ... 6,ooo Sand oreek (,oo(i MINNESOTA. St. Croix river 15,000 Varioua muall lakes and rivera. L!5,000 WISCC NS IN. Oreen lake 10,001' Small lakes and rivera 22,000


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