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An Accomplished Umpire

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Half-a-dozen small boys eongregated in an filley off Fourth street this inorning to wituess a Grpoco-Roinan wrestling match of some importance about to come off. The athletes in tho case were a conple of boys aboixt eveuly matched in size, who had never engaged in a Gr?ecoltoman wrestling before, but who thought they coukl manage it easily enough becau'se, as one of them remarked, " It's only a kind o' rough an' tnmble rastle, anyhow." The stakes were a couple of bananas, pnrchased by subscription among the boys, and placod in the hands of an umpire. Promptly at the word the two champions took oif their coats and pitchcd üi vigoronsly. They grabbed each other by the collar and tugged and pulled, and flnally "one got hold of a haudful of hair, and in return took a crusher in the efe, when they clinchod again and feil. The contest at once became a GrseeoKoman light of elegant dimensiens, and lasted about ten minutes, when one of the contestants, with a bloody nose and one eye closed, yelled "enougb," and the other got up' and olaimed the bananas. They were not to bo found, and the umpire was iudignant that they should be, demanded. He explained the situation in forcible terms : "Yer show more cheek nor amule! Yer oan't claim the stakes co3 yer didn't stick to no rules. I kuow a GreekerliumiLun hold when I see it, but ther wan't no Gieeker-Rumnum rastle about that ! That was a iight, an' when yer trut to iierhtin' I nut down them bananas.


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