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The Influence Of A President

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Now, if any man has observed the influence of the head man of a Corporation, he will understaüd and appreciate what we are about to say iu regard to the influenee of a president in molding to himself the meu arouud him. As is the president of a railroad, so is every officer and employé, by rule. The loóse or the sound moráis begin at the top, and run down through the whole. As is the editor-in-chief of a great newspaper, so are the Men who stand at the head of great organizations or great interests bring arouud üiem naturally men of their own kind, who take their cue in action, and their tone in cbaracter and motive, from them. Like naaster, like man - an old proverb, based upon old and mature observation. Now, it is just as impossible to have a liightoned administration, with a low-toned President, as it is to have a high-toned household with a loafer at it head. The thing is unnatural and impossible. In the next Presiden tial elecüon, the people realry desire, we believe, to vote for, and elect, a gentleman and a states man - a man who will associate himself iu Government only with gentlemen and statesmen, and who will send only such to represent the Government abroad. The politioal and social tone at Washington is disgustingly low. It does not represent the people of America. It represents the party politiciaus of America, and them only. They are oiir bane and our disgracs; and if they are permitted to hold thcir inflnence through another admiuistration, we shall have oui-selvesto blame. - Dr. J. G. Holland, in Scrihner for May. James DrxoN, of Palmerston, Canada, claims to be 110 years old, and to have served at Trafalgar. His father livjci to be 116.


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