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The Beautiful Ballad Of Waska Wee

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Her voice was sweet as a ban-go-lin ; Her mouth was sniall as the head of apin ; Her eyes ran up, her chin randown - Oh, eñe was the belle of Yeddo towii. Now Iovely Waska Singty "Wee, 80 good to hear, and sweet to seo, The faircst niaideu in all Japan, Feil dead in lovo with a Turkish ruan. This Turkish man a turban bad, This Turkish man was sly and bad ; He whispered unto Miss Waeka Wee : "Ofly wich me to niy own Turkee ! 'O fly with ine to niy own Turkee! And robes of gold 111 give to thee- A girdle of pearl and love for life, If thou wilt bc my eightieth wife." Now simple Waska Singty Wee, So good to hear, so fair to see, Resolved behind her bashf'ul fan To be eightieth wife to this Turkish man ; Bwt though bet heart was full of glee, She hung her head and said to he : 11 If thou shonldst die, my Turkish beau, Where would poor Waeka Singtv go?" Then this horrid, sly, oíd Turkish man Declared he'd die on the English plan. "And so," said he, " my bright-winged bird, Thou'lt have for thy fortune the widow's third.1 Then flew the niaid to the Mi-ka-do, Aud told the plan of her Turkish boau. " And now," said eho, " the whole thou'st lieard, How much will it be, this widow's tbird ?" Now the Mi-ka-cfó was wondrous wise ; He opened his mouth and shut bis eyefl : ' The widow's third, O dautüer, will bo Whatever the law will allow to thee." Then ñew the maid to.the Court of Lorde, Where every man wore a braco of sworda, And bade them name what sum would be hem When her Turk ehould go to his fore-fa-thers They sat in council from dawn till night, And sat again till morning light - Fignred and counted and weighed to see What an eightielh widow's third would be ; And the end of it all, as you well niight know, Was naught but grief to the Turkieh beau ; For lovely Waska Singty Wee Said : " Go back alone to your old Turkee ! "


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