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A suke cnreiorpammahollowtootliis a mixture of powdtjredalumand comnion salt, applitd with a lock of cotton wool. A Benaatioti of ooldness follows the applioation, which the pain gradually subsidias. Sj i-ver Cake.- Two cups of sugar ; two and one-balf cups of flour ; one-baif cup of bntter; threeqnarters Ofsonpíul of sweet milk ; ono-hult' luaupoonful of soda ; tlie white.B of eight cggs ; ono teaspooiiful of cream of tarfcar. MoLASSBS Candy. - Oue pint white ooffee sugar, ono pint molasses, 0110 tablespooxif ul of vinegar, óne teaspoonful of Iratícr ; cook slowfy a long time untilit "ètrings" frhtü tbe spooh when dipped up ; pour npon a greftséd tin pan ; then pull it tmfil ít betiomeë white. To Wash Wiwb Deoantbrs. - Soakthe decanters for some hours in warm soda and water ; if tliere is much cutting on the outside, a brusli will be necessary to remove the dirt and stains from the crevices. Cut a potato into small dice, put a good handful of these into the decantei' with some warrn water, shake the deoan ■ ter briskly until the stains disappear, rinse in clean cold water, and let them drain until dry. Vinegar and sauce cruefe) can be cleaned in the same way. The American Orocer says it is a lamentable fact that few have the proper facilities for keeping butter at any season of the year, and fewer sfcill know how to properly make and pack it for long keeping. A very small percentage of the butter that reaches the principal markets is strictly fine ; and much of it that is stale and unmarketable would have brought a fair price had it been marketed when new. This almost inevitable and rapid deterioration of butter is a strong argument against its retention by the producer, in the hope of higher figures, when remunerative ones are at once within his reach. It is better to sell any article when it is ready for the market and the xaarket ready to receive it at paying prices.


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