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A Garden Extraordinary

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Oae of oitr considerable seed firme, m irranging their stock for last spring's business, laid aside a large quantity of flower seeds which remained over after the previous years' business. Unwilling to sell secd of doubtfuí vitality, the followiug plan was hit upon for a dispona. of it which should promise an unusual if not a proñtable return. The article is published in the American Garden, and we give as much of it as our spact permits : "We plowed a strip about six feet wide all around a five-acre ñeld close to the fence. On this plowei ground the seed- previously welL mixed -was thrown, just as it happened to come. The surface having, afterward been smoothed over, we waited the re sult. This proved more than satisfactory. We had a wild gavden indeed ! The plants carne up as thickly as they oould grow, and flourished aiul blossomed as freely as though they had enjoyed all the care usually given to delicate house exotic's. yweet alyssuin, mignoiiette, phlox drummoudi, seemed to cover the ground. -Morning glories of every shade, and delicate Cypress vinos, tried to cover the f enees and run up every tree. Quauit little yellow and green gourds appeared in the most unexpeoted places, and the whole bed seemed in a bluze with the brilliant eschscholtzia, mirigolds and 7Jnnias. "Every inoruing would fiudsomenew and uuexpected Üower in blooia. In short, the place was a constant delight all sumtner to each member of the family, as also to the neighbors. The children, espccially, who reveled in a garden where théy were allowed to piek whateverthey ple.isc.d, were uever tirrfd of the excitemeut of hnnting for some■ thiug new. "A quantity of the sume Mbl was sown in tlie atijacent vvoodp. Many of I these geimujntc-d- avul tiie sightof mom ing glories running up Ule trees lu ''"' wildest part of the voods, ami biuuii. s of balsaiu uid zinnias and asters lo.ik in." lip thrpugh t.he undtrbrusli was, mdeed, passing strango and promotie of intense enjoymsnt. Thos;; who putter over tue plaiahug ot ! such seedsinpans'.'U 1 frames, may leavn a lesson frorú the abovorongh and ready


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