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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesday, April 25.- Senate.- The Senato alruoBt unaniniouely refueed to recede froni its amenamente to the Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation bul, and aBkcd for a conimíttee of conference. Sargent, Frelighuyen and Withera were appointed as such committee. . . .The Renato iiiHistod oq its auiendments to the Deflcicncy Appropriation bilí, and agreed to the conference aaked for by the Jlonee The Chair announccd MeMillan a.s a meniber of the special committco to ínqaíre ínto the cirenmstances attendinft the late election in Mississippi, in place of Oglcsby, excnsrd ....The Senate then resumed consideraron nf the bilí to amènd the law relating to the legal ténder of eilver col!); and Jones (Nev.) concluded liis argument. Houae.- The District of Columbia Tax bilí, as nmended by Ncal's nbotitnte, providiufí a tax of onc and onn-haJf pr cent. 011 all pi'operty, real and personal, waa yüiiífd....Iawrenc', froni the Judiciary (Jonmiittce, ulmiittod a report in relntionto tiir !':',cific railroadB,propoiting abill to reqnirethem to créate a Hinking fxuid, and to pay at ma'urity the priDcipal trd interest of the onbsidy bonda issued tf Üiem by the fT0vcrnm'nt. Ordercd printed. The Hone then went iut coinniittee of the whole, with Mr. Cix in the chfiir, on the Legislative and Kxecutive Appropriation bill LordjChalrmaii of the impcachnient manat,frH, prepontert a rt'jo;ndcr to the dtnmrrcr flled by W. W. Belknap. The paper wfis read ;vnd adoptad, and theiJlerk orderedto flle it vith the Secretary of the Senate . , . The Honso thn röflütned oonslderatlon of the General Appropriation biïl. Wednesiíay, April 26.- Senate.- Morrill (Vt) addressed the Benate in onpport of the bill to ostablish an c-ducatioual fund....A rcsolutioH was oflfered fay pargent, and adopted, calhng on the Secretary of the Tr.abury for a utatenu-nt of lbo niiiaber of revenno agent?, their compon Hation and expensts ; whether any of theni have reccived any compensation in the nature of Bpecial awards, and if yo, by what authority of law, and whether any of ïhom aru under the direction of any oflicer not a hubordinato of the Tri amiry department. Home.- The Speaker appointed the followiiifi couferenco comniittees: On the Dcficiency bill, Welln, Atkinsand Hale; on the Consular and Iiplomatic Avpropriution bill, Singleton, Kandal 1 and Waldron . . . . An inquiry was dirt cted into the chargen that the Clerk of the House and nis suborcUnatos were loboing agaïnst reduction in lbo 1'ciKlative Appropriation bill.. .. A reeolution wm adopted authoriziug the appuintment ot a select committee to investígate the conduct aud management of the Custoni-houae and other Oovernment oltiiitHat New Orleans Wellif f rom the Conference Committee on theDefioienoy bil), male report recomuiendiiiK that tht fienate reefde from thrcf of it amendmente, and that the Houeé concur In three otbers of lUaxoendaptfl Adopted ftetwlutions were offertd by Bauaing and tt&ndall, for informatiou au t tlie (alq of commlssArv artlclee, and ns to (ne amotintof post funds at the .Military AetAooxy at W' t[ roijii. frdopted.


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