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All intelligent travelers who have visited Brazil speak in the most glowing terms of the country. Prof. Agassiz regarded it as the most productive and interesting country on the globe, and the one in which it is easiest to obtain a livelihood. Some wbo have sailed up the Amazon declare that a vessel can be loaded with Brazil nute at an expense of of only a few cents per bnshel. These constitute a valuable article of eommerce, while the oil extracted from them is very dcsirable. All the tropical fruits are produced in Brazil almost without cultivation. The soil in many parta the country will produce twenty successive crops of cotton, tobáceo, or sugarcane, without th application of manure. No country in the world approaches the land ot Dom Pedro in tho variety of ite forest productioHS. Prof. Agassiz states that he saw 117 different kinds of valuable woods that were cut from a piece of land not half a müe square. They represented almost every variety of color, and many of them were capable of receiving a high polish. One tree furnishes wax that is used for candles ; anöther a pith which is used for food, and still another yieids a juico which ia used in the placo of intoxicating liquor. There is a single vaiiety of palm from which the natiyes obtain food, drink, clothing, bedding, cordage, fishiugtackle, medicine, and tho material they manufacture into dwellings, weapons, harpoons, and musical instruments. Doubtless the day is not distant v!icn the valuable woods of Brazil will be n: for variouíi useful and ornamental purposes. Brazil ia not only " a woodeu country," bnt a country that produces the most beautiful ■woods in the world.


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