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How Harper's Nasty Nast Was Color-killed

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It is difficult, too, to escape tlio conclusión that he who becomes a conspicuous partisau of a party, and a conspicuously blind toady to a man, oven though the object of lnndation is a liigh govemmental chief, and worthy of distinguished consideration for services reudercd the republic, has fallen a good ■ways below the point of view from which the truth is to be discerned. And this occurred not merely when we wero given frequent pictures, in phases ad uanseum, of the p.econd Washington, bnt when we saw the brush dipped in the same pigment which blackcned Tweed to blackou after the same manner Horaco Greeley, Cari Schurz and Charlen Sumner. It happened when, by making Sumnev strow flowers over Brooks' grave, it libeled the sweetest and noblest sentiment of spontareous charity and forgiveness that 6ver moved the hearts of statesmen and of a great ieople. The same spirit of caricature could as easily have punctured with its sardonio levity the sublime and golden sentonce, " Neither do I accuse thee; go, and sin no more;" or have niade ridicule of the tenderest of the beatitudes. It happened, too, when it crossed, as it not long ago did, the threshold of the grave, to place into public view again the coat-tails and tag of calumnious memory - a reminiscence of that írautic hate and pitucas pursuit of one whose shoestrings, if thoy wero worthy to wear them, would ennoble both the ethios and politics of his detructore. It is proper to aak what is the ordinary ;iïect of such pictorial Billiugsgate as issued forth with such blataut iteration in the campaign of 1872 ? The natural inference from it w: s thut whiyh set the three concededly purest and most ideal statesmen of th? country into the category wlüch had been familiarized and made foi' the coaviot and " statesnian " late of Blackwell's I-.iiHid. Aud bo completcly was thia iut.iuiati-'l that Tweed himseli' remarkeU it. He is reponed tó have said: " I didfeel somewhat hurt when thoso pictures appeared; but now that the very best men in the country aro blackballed, I can stand ït. He feit whitened and reBtored. And this was just tlie effect of the artist's work It wiped out and color-killed the fine performanö? that had preceded it.-


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