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Sentenced For Ninety-nine Years

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On the 16th of April, 1875, Peter Brown, a negro, pounded his wife's brains out with a club in a little hut in Hog Hollow. He carried the body on the following night to the Missouri river and sunk it, and then burned nis cabin and fled. He was arrested in Junction Gity, Kan., and having been oonvicted of 'murder in the first degree, he was sentenced to be hanged, but the case was taken to the Court of Appeals, and that tribuna] reversed the judgment. This morning the prisoner pleaded guilty of murder in the second degree, and Jitdge Jones sentenced him to imprisonment in the penitentkiry f or nine years. There is State law that enables a man who has been sentenced for life to demand and receive his discharge at the end of flfteen years' imprisonment. Henee the term of ninety-nine years was flxed. - St. Louis E&publioan.


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