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to send a full delegación to the County Convention which meets in this city on Wednesday next, May 17. A full and enthu8Íistic convention will be au auspiciou8 opening of the campaign. Landers is mad, and Landers being mad proposes to withdraw froin the gubernatorial contest, and, bettor yet, deolines to run again for Congress. H says that Hendricks and Kerr, and " thfim other fellows," inay run the political machine without any help from hiin. Sensible at the last. ■ -- -m - The Dexter leader is responsible for this diminutivo slate : " It is said that there will be a triangular contest for the Republican nomination for Prosecuting Attorney : Judge Crane, E. D. Kinne, and John F. Lawrence forining the triangle." Which leares E. P. Allen " oat in the cold." Hereabouts it is intimated that Judge Crane is - , ii - , well, is the Goarier candidato for Judge of Probate. Was there any Col. Lee in the recent Branch County Rf-publican Convention ? There was great need for an Indian Ageut " over there." Witness the Bad anuouncement that Senator John H. Jones and ex-Senator Cyrus G. Luce, two out-spoken anti-Chandler Republicana, and wko coutributed their full quota to the defeat of Lee's dnini -god lire didn't say deinijohn), were both eleoted dolegates to the btate Convention. TUE Daniocrats of the Connecticut Legislature, in caucus oonvened on Wednosday evening, nominated Representativo Barnum for Senator, the vote being: Barnum, 100 ; English, 74; Ingersol, 1. This action repudiates the platform of the party as laid down in tbc; last State oonvention, and gives uo strongth to the Domocracy of other 8ections. Senator English should have been elected, nulfiss the Legislature was ready to do still better,- elect David A. Welles. Jüliul Cüsa'H BUKKOW8 wnnts to try the Congressional oourso again. He knows his own fitness for the " posish," and means that the party in his district shall recognize it, - even if the niajority of the voters do not. But the " Columbian Orator " has a coinpetitor worthy his steel - voioe and wind we mean- in the rotund Clisbee, his equal both in lungs and pretensions. And Farmer Woodman - one of the Grange Moguls- will also take a hand in. We shall see what we shall Hee. SlMON CaMERON, the man who is grpatly belied if he doesn't carry a large share of Pennsylvania in his breeches pockets - politically, we mean announced to the Senate on Friday last, just af ter tb e adoption of the House resolution to adjourn from Tuasday of of this week to this morning, that " I have made arrangements to have a speoial car for myaelf, to start for Philadelphia on Mouday at 10 o'clook, and any Senators who desire to accompany me are welcome to a geat." That is doing the thing up in a genuiiie hospitable and lordly style. A " special car for himself "- with brother Senatorsas invited guests. Woll, Sirnon can afford it. '-i -■■ The appointment of Col. Geo. W. Lee to bo Indian Ageut doesn't give the best of aatisfaction to our neighbor of the Doxter Leader. It is surprised to hear that he was appointed ' upon the recommendation of the Mothodigts of Miohigan," and adds, "He maf) be a pions man, but he is not a Methodist, nor the uiember of any other chureh, unless he joiued while his appointnient hung fire." Then who were the Methodists who indorBed for Lee, or did Chandler appoint on his own knowl edge 'i Can the leader be mistaken as to Lee's cuurch relations and religiouu procliiities. PlEBKEPONT's defense of the " personal houesty " of the President (made in the Chambor of Commerce after-dinner speech) was too much for the ítb organB of the New York Tintes, a journal which is nothing if not Itepublican and " loil." Among other things the Times saye : "Mr. Pierrepout is pleased to publish to the world that the President is ' au honest man,' aud that tbough he might huvo made tnillions 1 by a scrape of the peu,' he did not do it." There is some praise that carries insult with it, sonie. defenee more offensive than acousation. We should say that the least a Cabinot officur coukl do for his ohief would bo to assume, when spoakiug of him iu public, that he requires no such apology as Mr. Pierrepont offered for Mr. Graut last evening." The Timen ought to kiiow that the Attornoy-General has a better opportunity than it to know what pina to put iu iu bshalf of tho l'rbgident.


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