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- Arrow root, castor olí, bananas, nuts, vegetables (dried and undried, preserved and uupreserved), hides and skins undresaed, rice, pulu saeds, pituita, sbruba or trees, muscovado, brown and other unrefined gugar, ayrups of sugar oane, melado and molassos, and tallow : these are the artioles that are to oome in from the Hawaiian. Islands free of duty, the House having passod tlio necessary legislation to give the treaty effuct. Where were the protectionists on Monday? Had the homo-spun Moses been running that House this thing would not have been done. -Charles Francia Adains has been " interviewed," and is credited with these snyinga : " Grant has d9integrated evorything." " Grdnt has been surrounded by people who wouldn't advi8e him right." " He has had no policy of his own." " The fact of this ia chaos." And then comes the conclusión : 'We need in the Presidency a man inïependent of party and of sections, who bas a head of his own and on his own shouldera." The President didn't relieve Gen Custer fioin the coininand of the Indin expedition " because he was a witness in tho Belknap impeachmont trial,' but because he dosired to have hini re umin in "Washington " until he had tes lified." He was afraid that sonie Indi an warrior would gobble up his blonde locks and prevent him from telling ani more truths about the sale of post-trad erships : that was all. Considérate President. - It is now said that the Presiden threatens that if the House Diploniati bilí comes to him for his signature h will not only veto it, but will cali hom uiini&ters and oonsuls : whioh so fa from working injury to any interest o the Government or the people, politica or commercial, would be more than compensatod by the dollars and cent saved. But whether this is so or no such threats are an insult to Congres and ought to be resented. - The arguments of the counsel an managers in the Belknap impeackmen case were conoluded on Monday, am imtnediately the Senate, aitting s a court of iuipeaobment, adjourned untü Monday next, at 12.30 P. M., at which hour it will proceed to oonsider the question of jurisiiction. The irrepressible Ion Henderson has reoovered from the shock whioh the declination of Col. Stockbridge to be a candidato for Governor gave him, and now blows and strikes for Hon. Jay S. Hubbell, present inember of Congress from the Ninth distriot. Guess Hubbell will prefer to go back to Congress. If Mr. Doorkeeper Fitshugh wrote the letter whioh is being widely puhHshed with his name thereto attached he ought to be " bounced," and that forthwith, immediately, without delay, instan ter. - The Republicans of Clinton County have already elected their delegates to the Congressional Convention, auc they are instructed to vote for Gen. O L. Bpaulding, formerly Secretary o State - Henry H. Smith, f this State, ha been promoted to the positioji of Jour nul nlwrlr r,E í-Ví Hoiico, vico t'nfchu Smith resignad because of a speculat ing disposition. - Hon. Joel Parker, of New Jersey, is now being " pushed " as a candidato for the Democratie nomination for President. A inuch worse candidato inight be noniinated. Judoe Lawiience, a prominent Repnblican member of Congress froin Ohio, went over to Baltimore on Frlday last and played the seoond-rate demagogue for the amusement of the Metkodist General Conferenoe. The pending proposition was a resolution in opposition to the transfer of the Indian Bureau to the War Department. Judge Lawrenoe is reported as saying that " the present policy bad put an end to Indian wars and elevated the condition of the Indians. Now it was proposed by the inant party in the House to abandon this policy of peaoe, civilization anc christianity ; neither was material t( their suocess." And then he calloc upon the General Conference, " representing a million and a half of people to send a oommittee of flve to the Senato, itH voioe would be beard and respooted, and the bill would not pass, for there wagBOme regard for Christianity and Civilization at that end of the capitol." In thus throwing mud on the House Judge Lawrence evidently forgot the proverb, " It is a dirty bird that fouls its own aeat." But fearing, even then, that his hearers would not have full confidonce in an appeal to the Senate, he added, " the President is not a Methodist himself, but his wife is, and she can appeal to him in behalf of tho peace policy vhich he has begun :" an ïntimation tnai ine woran ruius ui me White Hourö as well as in the War Depurtment (under the late Belknap,), which we trust is a slander upon Mrs. Grant, as we should dislike to believe that she is responsible for the rais-governinent that proceeds from Presidwitial hoadquarters. AT THE one hundred and eighth anniversary dinner of the New York Chain her of Couimerce, given on Thursevening of last week, Attorney-öeneral Pierrepont was present as an invited guest, and responded to the toast to " The President of tho United States." His speech was anything but a happy or an appropriato one. It was, in fact, an ill-tiined doftmse of the Rupublican party and an equally ill-timed, and in bad taste defenge of the personal esty of Preaident Grant. Gqv. Tilden follownd, responding to the toast to "The State of New York," and without making; any political allusions, neatly iiayud the Attorney-Guneral, by showing conolusively that it was tho Federal and uot tho Btate Government which was leach upou the city, proying upon its vitáis and sapping its prosperity. The Onteuuial, Exposition was formally oponed on Wednesday. The ceremonies were witnossed by a great multitudx. The Reiublioan State Con vontion was held at Grand Kapids on Wednesay, and the " organs " say that great nthusiasm prevailed. Hon. W. Livngstone, of Wayne, was permanent 'rusident, aud the Republicana of Vashtenaw were honorad by the selecion of J. ftodney Palmer, Esq. (if not quare), of Manchester, as one of the Secretaries. ■ The following delegates were appointed to the Cincinnati Convention : At large - ex-Gov. Balrlwin, Hon. W. A. Howard, Dolos L. Filer, and fonathan J. Wooduian. From the distiots (two from each in order) - W. G, rhompson, Herman Kiefer, Kice A. Beal, Chas. Eynd, W. H. Withington, E. 8. Lacy, -N . A. Hamiltou, Geo. Hunnahs, A. B. Watson, B. D. Pritchard, Wm. L. Smith, W. S. George, J. C. Waterbury, S. J. Tomhnson, Theo. F. Shepard, A. H. Hoyt, W. H. C. Mitchell, E. Breitung. The delegation is said to be about equally divided between Blaino and Bristow. The Uepublicrn party was eulogized in one resolutiun, and in anotber the delegates were requested to act with " as much harniony as possible." 8. D. Bingham, of Lansing, was re-elected cbairman of the State Committee.


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