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-Demócrata should remember the caucuses on Monday eveuing. - There will be no services in the Uuitarian Church on the next Suuday, - See the new advertisetuent of A. L. Noble, and try his new sidewaik. - C. J. Kintuer went to Ciuciunati on Monday last. The Kuights of Honor seut him. - Judge Huntington tailed to put in an appearance on Tuesady,- the date of hia adjourued term. -Philip Bach and wife witneaaed the. opening ceremonies of the Centeunial Exposition on Woiluesday. _-It has been good grass and wheat -weather duriug the week, bul poor woather tor planting aud seediug. - J. H. Hicks and wife, of Lodi, are to celébrate their silver wedding anniveraary on Honday eveniug next. - Next Monday, May 15th, ia the day the Supervisora are to submit their rolla to the inapection of the tax payera. - EeT. Mr. Fisk, of Chicago, will preach at the new Congregatiunal Church, on the next two Sundaya - niorning and evening. - Cherry and poach blosaoms ventured to open ou Monday last, incited thereto by tho two or three days previous warm weather. -Chas. R. Miller, Esq., and Thos. F. Applegate, of the Times, Adrián, apent a couple of diys in this city laat week, laying pipe for Croswell. -g -The Hon. Edwin Willits, of Monroe, was in this city on Monday. Business and politica combüied. Willits is on the Congressional war-pitli. - Fied O. Shellraire, farmerly with J. O. Watts, of this city, died at Meedville, Pa., on Saturday last, and was buned at Goldwater, ou Wedueaday. -Ou Saturday forenoon last Herman Krapf got the fore-finger of his ïight hand iuto the iuicr, and ït didn't come out in as good condition as it went in. WAU I - ün Saturday last a match of base ball was played between the two juveuile clubs of this city- Xumes and Resolutos - the latter winning by a score of 42 to 17- Clark Sly, of Superior, went out gunning u Mou'lay last, ou f'rain's Lake, and by the etyjeizing of his boat lost a huudred dollar gun. And Sly a member of the " G-ame Club." - Haring carefully read the Register of this week we are f 01 eed to the dUugreeable coaeiubion that it duesn't exactly like the re8u!t oí the Republioan County Conveution held last week. We are surprised- we are. - A special meetiug of the Common Council was held on Saturday eveuing last, but transacted no business except to authorize the Street Committee to receive bida and contract ioï building a bridge over Traver's creek ou MUI street. - A culored boy uamed Coruelius Hill - a sÉreet waif, fatherless and motherless - was accideutally run over ou Detroit street, at the juiiction with Fourth, on Tuesday afternoon, cottiug his ohoek baJly. He was placed in charge of the city physician, Dr. Smith. - It must have beun " pure (or poor) eussednesi' which iuduced our neighbor of the i "iirkr to sell lus conüdiu;} f rienda so oheaply Ut week : that is in glviug them to uuderlUud that Dl. Doulas failed to appear on the return dayof that suinnions and was therefore non-suited. He sliouJd explain his jokes. -We regret to tlnd the lollowiug item in the Dcxter Leader : " Mr. Geo. C. Arms having become so violent as to be dangerous to himselí as well as others, has been removei to Kalaraazoo tor Lreattaent. His deraagement has excited universal regret, for non stood higher in the universal esteem than he. An iniismity of long standing is said to be at the bottom of his derangemeut." Mr. Arms has many friends in this city. -The young lady who was " drjven to distractiou " and was compelled to walk back, was not a whit worse off than the two young ladies and gentleman wbo accompanied a party of young paople from this city for a drive into the couutry on Suuday last, and becoming dlssatisfied with the driver regardiug the time fiïeü for thoir return, declai-ed they would " walk it " ñrst, and started out and accompislied the feat - a distance of six miles. The time made by the pO lestrians is not given, nor o they wish the joke to get out. - : - t Jfotwithstanding the unpleasant weathor there was quite a largo attendance at the meeting of the Scientific Associatlou on Saturiay evening last. A paper was read by ftof. J. B. Davis, on that Michigan inventiou, "ie " Solar Compass." Prof. Davis explaiued the construotion and manner of using the intrument, poiuting out its advantages, and the many erroft into whicb it is Hable to lead the operator. Prof. Davis seems to think that it "noton the whóle superior to the ordinary wmpas8, and that for rapidity and acouraoy of tork the Transit instrument is superior to tth. Mr. Seamau read an interesting paper U opposition to the suppositiou that SpontaneUs öeuefation has been scientifieally disProved. Miss Lou M. Reed, by means of black Wwd ïllustratiou, gave an interesting descrip"on of the appearauce preseuted by rotativa starch granules whon examined by a microS;-pö magnifiying GÜO diameters. Iii connec11 ffith a statement made by Prof. HarringH that 8tarch granules had beeu found in the kraiu of adult uien, Mr. Groff stated that he 'ad diaeoverei starch in the brain of a calf 6eweek8 old. Dr. Sager sent in a paper on 1 Embryology of Reptiles, whioh, owing to "e latonuss of the hour, was not read. The society has quite a sum in its treasury and is msideriugthe advisability of pvinting its 'rausactions for the past year. The Methodist Reunioiï.- The Methoiists of ttiis city celebrated the tenth annivertórï of laying the cöiner stona of their church on Tuesday evonitig, by a supper aud spseeheB, tbe members and congregation being tovited to come in and eat aud hear without fflouey and without prioe. The gathenug 53 a iarge one, the lovver rooms being crowd8(iwith old and younr, men, women, and tinldreu. The tables were loaded down with S"Jd tlnngs- but after that exercise, particiPa'P'l in by several hundred, was over, not "tony biiskats of fragmenta could have been gathered up,- tee Methodist benig proverbi"y goud eaters. Tlie e iting was follovred by 8I'eakni(j( toasts benig reupouded to by Dr. Cocker, Rev. S. Reed, the pnstsir, Slessre. Tay'O1'i Cramer, Sawyer, Harrmgtou, Stuere, Rev. " Day, and Davis, . The pastor appoint"iauuther reunión flfteen years henee, and " moeting was disBolved, - say somewhere Ward miduijjht.j