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Church Dedication

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The new Congregational Church in this city was forma] ly dedioated on Wednesd iy, the services or ceremonies taking place at 3 o'clock M. The services opened with an " Orgtin Voluntary," followed by the " Doxology " the congregation joiniug. The " Prayor of Invocation " was theii made and the Scripturu lessou read by Rev. J. Morgun Smith, of Grand Bapids, followed by the " Prayer ot Dedication," by the pastor, Eev. H. L. Hubbell. The " Dedication Hymu " was uext sung by the choir, begiuuing : "A fading glory covers all And manïlea roof, and arch, and w:ill." Eollowed by the congregation in the hymn, "Arise, O King of grace, arise, A lid í tu t.hv nat." The sermón was given by Rev. Dr. Eddy, of Detroit, trom Eph. ii. 19-22. The eerinon was a timely and powerful discourse, and was universally coinmeudsd. It was lollowed by prayer by the Bev. David Lindlay, singing, and the benediction pronounced by the pustor. Services were held in the church in the evening and brief addresses delivered by Eev. Dr. Eddy, of Detroit, and Rev. J. Morgan Siaith, ot Grand Rapids ; alao by Revs. Cocker, Brown, Haskeil, and Elwood of this city. This church has been erected at a cost of about $3ó,000, and at this time we can only say that it is ona ot the most beautiful churches in the city- or State even, and is a credit to the society which will worship, and, we trust, prosper in it. The church was boautitully decorated with flowers ou the day and eveuing of the dedicatiou, and also on the eveniag oí the organ concert.