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Special Legislation

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Wc viTÜy beliovo tho JLcguluiiirtf could eit tho wholo ycar, umi ar iho end of ilic lime havo moro business on hund ilmn it coinmeiired with. lis is coiisiimcil wuli all eorl of loei! aiinirs. Coijiormioris witliout n.umbor have been inudc and )ro[)uí-cd: a dozen or a scoro o' vül.-ige charters imkered: several school dlatricie biiildtdiocl Jioueis, n few roadá l.iid out, scvcral towna liad a louter linie of gracu for paying toAos, and sonie had tholr nanicfi cliatii'od.TJio Sintü isalso very kind to individual; Tlic íolowiiv bilis were acied om ir onc day in tho House, ench Deing considerad, iloiated, and vütcd on, moro or Ices, for ecvcral day, in both h o uses : Mr. Edinunds introdiicecl n bil] 10 authorizo Almirn Bucrnw to convoy corinin reu! cstato. Als), bill ir iiuthorizo Wm. Forco lo eell ccrlaiii ical i tíi te. Mi. Bliiir introduccd a bill to niithorizo tho gunr.lian oí the minor hcirs of Tlieodoro Stuule osell anJ convey certain lands. Tlic following bilis were rcad a tliird time and nSicd: IMI to Diitliorizo Williani Laird and Sarali 3lis.s to cxcciitoa niorigatje.Oill 10 nulliorizc Mary Vail nnd Ellen Vail to convoy ccrl;iin real catato. Bil! u aiitliorizetncpartition of ccrlain Iands icld in common by tho siato of Michigan and ewis Cass and otliors. Bill to confirin the olKuial acts of E. Sinith Lee. Bill to nutliorize C. 1 Benton an executor, to compromiso a certain clnini.