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PAw Pw, April 10, 1846. Messrs. Editoiis: -"We have just had our Town meeting in this place, and feeling as I do in the cause of liberty and humanity, and believing that the combined eflbrts of the Liberty party, and its straight forvvard course will be thomcans of iiberatingtho slaves, I feel to regret tlio course that the friends to the cause huve taken tn this place, thoügh Ihey may think that they have done right. We made a fuJl nooitnation of Liberty men, and intended to have supported them, hut the Locos nominated a man that is a rum maker, seller, and drinker, for Supervisor, and the Whigs a temperance man, for the same office. The Liberty men, all but four, left theic candidato and supported the Whigs, which I am afraid will have a bad influence to the party in this place- The town has gone 80 mnjority foroeute, ana 12 majonty lor a rum-sellor, and maker, for Supervisor. Some of our best supposed temperance men voting for both. You may judge from this thnt wo have men in this place with ns little consistency as in other places." In St. Joseph Connty, two Liberty Supervisors wcrc elected- Wm. Woodruffin Park. and Wni. Wheolerin Floworfield. Schoolcrapt, April 14, 1846. "At the lato Town meeting the town of Schcolcrait went No License by but three mnjority. Almost the entire Liberty vote went against license, but the Democratsgonerally vote-J for it. A majority of the Whigs voled No License or it would have been defeaied. Wo still keep up our Liberty organization in this town, though we havecently made bul linio progress. We gave 50 Liberty votes this Spring wliich isubout the same number that has been cast for the last Uvoyears. 1 think, how. ever, the Liberty men wero not as generally at the polls this Spring as at former elections. We have perhaps made a slight gain. Tho infiuences brought I lo bear ognïnsc our orgnnization in thetown of Schoolcraft is greater ihan any I other town in theCounty e.vcept KalainaI zoo. Every inch of ground ís conlestcd by Whig and Democratie partlzans."