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A New Yokk telegram B&ys : "The recont bropkago o( ratea ie bringing corn to this ' kot, and shows this remilt in round numbirn : Receipta for the week endiDg April 15, 49,000 buBhela ; the week ending April 22, 220,000 Imnliola ; the weck onding April 29, 407,000 busliels. Eeoeipte at Baltimore and Philadelphia hare increaaed more than 50 per cent. sincethel5th of April." Amember of the PenneylvSnia House of Repreaentatives has been eipelled for receiving money for his vote on a certain boom bul. His name is Lynott. The quarrol between the two managing boards of the Ccntonnial exposition has been aottlcd in a manner eminently American by the appointmènt of another board. The pólice forcé wUl hereafter be under the control of a pólice board, consisting of five members, with Gen. Hawley as chuirman. A New Yoiik dispatch says that in view of the large supply of corn in that city awaiting transportation to Europe the steamship companios have doubled their charges for freight. They know that tho New York Central road has agroed with t!ie owners of this grain to transport it to Liverpool, and they have the road in their power. The Centennial Managers have reconsidered their determinatieu to prohibit the sale of liquora on the Exposition grounds, and restaurante and ealoons are now froe to sell liquors of all kinds. X J kJ X y Thomas W. Pifes, now uuder sontence of Aeath at Boston, has confeased not only tuat ho murdered Mabel Young in the belfry of tlio Warren Avenue Baptist churob, for which murder he is to be imng on May 2G, but also that he murdered Bridget Landergan, at Dorchester, on the night of December 5, 187S, and that he was the principal in the mysterious and nearly fatal assault on Mary Tyuer, in Oxford streef, Boston, nearly two yèara" ago. Miss Anna E. Dickiníon, the well-known leoturor, made her debut on the dramatic stage at the Globe theater, in Boston, a few nights ago, in the presence of a Tast audience. Shé was called before the curtain at the end of overy act, and fonr times after the play was over, retiring each time overburdened with flowers. Miss Dickinson's first appearanco, says a correspondent, was disappointing in that it lacked orisinality, soul, and rel instinct. Nevertheiess, it showed that, with the energy and determination which she possesses to such a remarkable degree, sh may become a suocessful actress. Oaio, Indiana, Illinois, Wiaconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachnsette, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessëe, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Arkansas, West Virginia," Misöissippi. nd Kansas all have State buildings at the Centonnial. Of these Kanaas has the largeat and New York probably the handsomeat. THE WEST. Chicago e'.evators contain 2,477,809 buahele of wheat, 1,437,371 bushels of corn, 649,216 bushels of oats, 65,728 bushola of rye, and 157,656 bushels of barley, making a grand total of 4,787,780 buahels, againat 7.864.520 bushels at tliw period last year Advices from Arizona givo Information of an outbreak of tlie Chiriahua tribe of Indiana. Several whiiea were slaughtered, and a great many cattle unven off and housen burned. It was thia same tribe, under the famous ohief Cochiae, whih ommitted so many murdera a few years ago Dist. Atty. Dyer eipects to dispose of all the St. Louis whisky caaes during the present term of the United States court. It is stated that civil suits will be brought against Mr. McKee and against the securities of Con Maguire, and the saugers and atorekeepers : also against all the diatillers and rectifiere. The disturbances in the coal-mining región near Mafsillon, Ouio, have culminated in open Iawleasness.' A few nights since forty masked men visited the mines, seized the watchmen, and set the coal-shafts on fire. None of the incendiarios were recognized. The feeling againat the Chineae in eian Franisoo seems to be growing more bitter. The " South - San-Francisco-anti-Coolie-Club-andYoung-Men's-Unireraal-Eeform-Society " held a meeting laat week, passed rulea indorsing the destruction of the Chinese qnarter in Antioeb, and advocating a similar course ín the city nnlesa the Federal GoTernment, should tako immediate steps to abate the evü. The speeches were highly incendiary Dr. J. B. Bendery, of Omaha, has Justreturned to that city from a three months' trip tothe Black Hills. He reporta the road from Clister City to Fort Laramie strewn witltfwagona, the ownera having fled, or been killed or captured by Indiana. Dnring his trip from Custer to Cheyenne he dreased the wounds of twelve men who were -wounded bv Indiana. It is dangerous for small parties 'to undertake the trip. A snocKijfo domestic tragedy was enaeted in Chicago one day Iaat week. Anthony Gehring, a Germán newspaper carrier, murdered his wife, to whom he had been married but a short time, and then toot his own life. The weapon sed was an Allon revolver. Jealousy was the cause. Those who contémplate emigrating to the Black HUJs aro referred to the íollowing pricea current at Custer City, the metropolis of tb at country : Sugar, 40 cents a pound ; bacon, 50 cents a pound ; cora, 50 cents a ponnd : flour, $22 a sack ; whisky,. 60 cents a drink : tobáceo $3 a pound. Gex. Cbook's second expedition will soon be on the war path. It will be dirided inft three detachmentg. The main one, under Gen. Crook in porson, will leave the Union Pacific railroad ; the second part, under Gen. John Gibbon, will move down the Yellowstone from Fort Elhs, Montana, and the third part will proceed from Fort Abraham Lincoln up the Yellowstono. A vigoroua aud active campaign will be proaecuted all summcr. A miner has arrived at Cheyenne with $1,000 worth of gold dust from the Black Hilla Advices from Fort Laiamie report that Gwin's ox-train and May & Panott'a mule-train, of Cheyenne, were attacked by Indiana in Red canon, while en route to the Black Hills. They made a stroug defenae, kcoping vip a running fighc for eome time, corraling their trains ana fighting from behind the wagons and teams, and fiually, reaching a good point for natural defense, they stoppod there and succeoded in driving the Indiana off. Ono man was wouuded badly and fourteen horses were killed. The new Oommon Council of Chicago has canvassed the vote cast for Mayor at the recent election inthat city, and formeriy declared the Hon. Thomas Hoyne to be the duly elected Mayor. H. D. Colvin, who wanted to hold on the office for anothor year, in defiance of tho popular will, Is thus forced to step down and out A dis atch from San Francisco announces the arrival in that city of a gentleman having in his possession the head of Chave the haabit, for whioh the Governor of California hae off ered a reward of $5,000 Asmall f oree of effective Indian-üghters, about ahundrod in all, left. Fort Laramie last week to acour tho hills and defiles along the roads to the Black Hills, which have boen infeuted by nostile saagee lately. Tho scènes of tlie recent horriblo butcheries will receive tho firat attention of the party, and it is expected that this scout will render tho road to the minea comparatively safe for a while. SOUTH. A New Obleans diapatch states that State Senator M. H. Twitchell, his brother-in-law, George King, and a colored mD, were receutly assaasiiiated while crossing Bed riveratCouehatta, La. They were all three shot by one man, who stood on the ahore aud picked them off with a ropeaüng riflo. OKKEBAL, An International Convention of archfeologists haa been called to moet at Philadelphia on the 4th of September next Jbe Goss, tho champion pngilist of Englaud, has challenged Tom Allen to fight for tl.o championship of the world and $1,000, or more, a side. The State department at Washington will take no action on the question raised in the Winslow and other casos until some demand is made on this Government by Groat Britain for the extradition of somo fugitivo, in which event that portion of the treaty will bo troated aa abrogated. G. S. Obth, late Unitod States Minister to Austria, and Itepublican candidato for Governor of Indiana, has arrived home. In the Methodist General Conference at Baltimore, last week, Dr. Lauahan presented a memorial charging that the Western Publishing House at Cincinnati ia insolvent, and Ihat the statement of the condition of ita fiuances, published by authority, is not a fair nhowingj in that it omita fiom the assets over .$509,000, most of which is in real estáte. The doctor also chargod that the records of tho last General Conference were not complete ; that an important document had been omitted, and that the object of this omission was to cover eome unlawful act on the part of tho managers of the New York Book Concern. WASHINGTON. TnE District Grand jury has indicted exSecretary of War Belknap for the alleged acceplanco of bribets in his official station The President bas nomiuated Olivo Logan's husband, Wirt Sykes, aa Consul at Florence, Italy. . . .The Jraft of tho Naval Appropriation bilí bas ceen completad by tbe committee I ing that work in charge. Tbe sum covered by I it is abont $12,700,000 - something more than I $4,000,000 lees than last year. The President has given directions to have tbe original Declaration of Indepeadence romoved to Philadelpbia and placed in Independenoe Hall in a safe made for the purposo. The document ia nearly illegible, not becanse the ink has faded, but bccause much of it was movea on aamp transier paper dj a ueavy roller, and thon retransf erred to n copper-plate covered with a tbln coattng of white wax, tbrongh which it was traced on the copper and theii engraved. The ongraving is a perfect fac sinülo of the original as it was. Dom Peiro spent several days iu Washington last week When the original Resumption act was passed, last yoar, tho silver coin in the treasury amounted to abont $2,500,000. This snm the Secretary proposes now to pay out on ordinary warrants for curront expendituros, it being held independent of the accumulation tbrough sales of bonds for the purpose of resumption nnder the l&w. The disbursoment of this coin is expected to largely relieve the inconvenience experienced from scarcity of small change. . . . The scientiats engaged to make a report upon the sizing used in the fractional currency are not agreed. The majority of them, however, are of the opinión that the sizing is of no practical valne A Washington dispatch says : "8peaker Kerr's pbysicians have expressed the opinión that lm ought, in jostico to himself, to throw off entirely the labors of official Ufe for the rest of this seesion, and bis friends aro looking for his rosignation at an early day." A. tokhado of unuaaal violence swopt over the city of Chicago one day last week. Several houses were blown down, rnany unroofed, and chnrch spires, chimneys, etc, without mimbor were demolished. The freigbt depot of the Michigan Sonthom railroad was ehattered by the wind, and several persons irtjured, one fatally. The total damage to property in the city is oatimnted at several hundred thousand dollars. The same cyclone swept over a considerable stretch of country, playing havoc with farm-bouses, fences, etc. POUTICAI. Theke was an exciting municipal contest in Indianapolis on the 2d inst., iesulting in a victory for the Bepublicans. A serious riot occurred af ter the closing of the polls, in which pistola, clubs and bricks were freely used, resulting in the killing of one and probably the fatal wounding of two colored men. Numbers of others. botb whites and black, were more orless iujured. Hobatio Sfïmouk has written a letter saying be could not and would not accept a noniination for the Presidency under any circiunatauces. The Republicans of Oregon have nomiuated Richard WilliamB for CJongress The Committee on Transportation for the National j-ainuuiawu cuuyciiuuii nava recBiveu repue from twenty railroads that they will make halffare rates, not only to delegates to the convention, but to ail persona in any way connected with the convention, and it is expected that at least all the main roads will acquiesce in this arrangement. . . . A State Greenback convention was held at Jackson, Mich.. last week. It was atteurled by about seventy-five delegatos. The conyention elected twenty-two delegatee to the National Greenback convention. The Oregon Republican State convention, on the 3d inst., appointed the ais delegates to which that State is entitled to the Cincinnati National conyention, and passed a resolution for Blaine as its first chnioe ior President The Republicau convention of Maryland was held at Frederick on the 4th inat. The delegates to Cincinnati were itintructed to vote for Saine. Georcua's representation in the National Republisan Convention is mixed in more waya than one. There are thirteen white and nine colored delegates, estimated to stand : Blaine, 8 ; Bristow, 6 ; Morton, 6; Conkling, 3 The Texas Legislature has eleited Gov. Richard B. Coke, United States Senator, to succeed Hamilton. A mspATcn from Augusta, Ga., says : "The Democratie delegation is nncommitted, and will vote for any good man that oan be elected The Republican delegation stand thirteen for Morton, seven for Blaine and Bristow, two for Conkling." The President has nominated Seth W. Clark, of New York, to be Recorder of the General Land Office ; John Nacro, Collector of Customs at Milwaukee, Wíb. j A. F. Riekard, Naval Officor at New Orleans, and WilliaK; T. Jackson, Pension Agent at St. Joseph, Mo. . . . There was a meeting of the Liberal Republican National committee in New York a few days ago, at which it was resolved to cali a national convention, to be held at Philadolphia on the 27th of July, but tfee cali will be revokod if either of the old party conventions shall nomínate a candidate acceptable to the Libérala. Their favorites among the Republican aspirante are said ts be Bristow, Hayes and Washburne ; and on the Democratie side, Tilden, Thurman and Bayard. FOKKIGS. Winslow, the Boston forger, was not roleased on the 3d iust. , as was expeeted. The British Government obtained a further delayof ten days, to give time for the receipt of Secretary Fisu's answer to the latest English note. At tho urgent solicitation of the allied emperors, the Turkish Government lias agreed to a renewal of the annistice, but insiBta that if there is not also a cessation of hostilities on the part of the insurgente, Turkey shall not be bound by it. In that event, disregarding all furthc-r eftorts at mediation, the Sultan's ministers propose to proceed with tho suppression of the rebellion by foroe. Foun of the crew of the Bhip Lennie, who woro charged with mutiny and murder, havo been found guilty at London, and sentenoed to bo hanged Severe earthquako shocks wore recently folt throughout South Australia and New Zealand. Tjih Nusski Mir states that 30,000 Turks recently assembled at Mera and determinad to Molicit Afbgan help for a holy war agaiust the Czar of Buseia A serious riot took place in Salónica, European Turkey, last week, between Christiana and Mohammedans. The trouble arose from the fact that a Christian girl wished to become a Mobammedan. She was forciblv taken from her Turkish frionds by Greeks. During the riot the French and Germán Consuls were assasuinated by Mohammedans. Furthor disturbaucea are apprehended. At last accounts the authorities had taken no measureu to pnitect Ufe and propcrty, and no arresta had been made. There has been fresh rioting at Barbadoes, and several more lives have been lost An order has been issued by the Spanish Government pennitting officers who joined Don Carlos to resume service in the royal army, with the rank that they held at the time. Twelve hundred oñicers have been thus restored. . . . A letter from Port au Prince says, "The exPresident of Hayti, Dominique, who was taken on board the French man-of-war Sane, died from bis wounds on board of that steamer."


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