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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesday, May 2.- Señale.- The HOuso bilí appropriating $50,000 for subsifitence mipplies f or the Apache ludían in Arizona, and for the renioval of the Indiana of the Cheriahua agency to the San Carlos agency, was passed . . . . The Senate díacu&sed, withou t action, the znotion of Hanilin providing that the conauUations of the Senate as a court of impcachinent fthall be public, not private.... The bilí torefund the .Tnpanese indemnity fund was discussed The LeMoyneFanrell oonteated election case waa conaidered, but no action taken. House. - A resolution was mianiiuoiisly adopted ordering the Judiciary Committeo to investígate the transactions of the Union Pacific railroad in worthlesa Arkannas bonds... The Banking and Currency Comraittee made a report recommending tho adoption of the resolutlon providíng for the iinmediate ieeuc of $10,000,000 of the ailver coin reservo in exchange for lenal tenders..., The reeolution paBBed at the last seesion of Congreee censuring John Young Brown, of Kentuchy, for language used in debate witli B. F. Butler, was reBcinded and expunged. Wedxesday, May 3.- üenate.- Mortou mado a personal explanation regarding the newpaier charge of corruption while he wa8 Goveruor of Indiiiiia A bilí waa passed authorizing the transfer of $16,000 to pay light-housc koepers and maintain Jifílit-house pervice on the MiesiBBippi, Ohio and MiBouri rivorB. . . .The JapaneRe indemuity fuud bill was diecuBsed without action. Howte.- The contested election case of Le Moyne va. FarwclI, Becond Illinois district, was decided ín favor of the former The Postofflce AppropriaÜon billwa(ïiaenB&ed Stevenson (111.) addreesed tho House in oppoeition to the admisuion of New Mexico as a 8tate. Thuksday, May 4.- 8enate.ThQ SeDate diacuaeed, without action, the proposítion to take a recees to cnable the Senators to attend the opening of the Centennial cxlübitiou, tter which the impeachment trial waa proceeded with. Carpenter, of couusel for the respondent, &aid that if the Senate waa to adjourn for a week, the counaeï and managers would prefer to not bogin their argumentB on the question of jurisdiction, a theroby a break would oceur whích tnhould bc avoided. Manager Lord concurred in thia statement. Kherman moved that the court adjourn until Monday, May 15, but thifl was votod down. Blair then began an argument agaiiiBt the jurisdiction of the Seuate. Lord replied, after which the court adjourned without Uk ing a vote. Houxe.. - A reaolution was adopted directing the Waya and Means Committee to report ways and meanfi for the relief of the small change famine. ....Nearly the whole day was devoted. In oomnaittee of the whole, to consideration of the Postofflce Appropriatíon bili....Nino thousand dollars wae appropriated for the expense of the committee to Inrarante the Federal offices at NewOrlcans - A resolution passed acceptiug an invitation to attend the opening of the Ontennial exposition, and tho adjourning of the House froni Tuesday, tho 9th, to Friday, tho 12th. Friday, May 5.- tenate.- Tho öenate concurrrd in the House rcsoUitlon to adjourn from tho 9th to the 12th....Cbnsidcilation of the articlea of Impeachitient was then resumed, and Carpenter, for tho responden bcgan and flniahod hifi abjiument on wie question of juri?diction. He was followcd by Knott, in behalf of the nianapers, who argued in favor of the jurisdlction of tho Sonate. Without finishing, he aked for an adjournment, on account of physical pam with which ho was suffering. The SfiKitc therenpon adjonrned. & ïlousr. - A resolution was adopted appropriating $4,600 for securing botter vcntilation of the hall of the House of Represcntatives. .. .lïlownt, from the Appropriation Oommitteo, reported the Naval Appropriation bill, which was mado tho special order for Monday next....After the passage of a large numbor of private bilis tuo House ad.iourned. Saturday, May 6.- Senate.- Coneideration of the impeachment articlcB was resumed. Gonkng submittcd tho followiug questione to the managers : First. If two persons guilty of crimo in office cease to be offleers at the samo time, one by removal and tho other by resignation, is one, rather than the other, subject to impeachmeut afferward ? If a dístínction betweon tlie two cases exisfs, please etato it. 8econd. Is a private citizen Hablo to impeachment under the Constitufion of the United tinguiahes him in thie respect from other citir.cns ? Please traco the distinction to a clause of the Constituí ion, or to the principie in which it Is found. Mitchell, of Orogon, subniitted the following question : The Constltution próvidos that when the President of tho United States is tried on impeachment tho Chief-jiiBtice shall preside. Suppose that a late President was impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, commltted while ho was President, and proBonted at the bar of the Senato for trial, who would presido, the Chief-justlce or the President of the Senate? Owing to the continued indisposition of Manager Knott, hc was granted leave to conelude his argumente on Mondtty. Manager Jenks then read a long argument in favor of the jurisdictlon of the Senate, when a toccèb was taken. Upon reassembling Manager Hoar began hls argument, maintaining the juriadiction of the Sonate. House. - The Postónico Appropriation bill was debated....Hewitt introduced a loill in relat ion to avingïi[banks The oath of office was administrad to J. V, Lelloyne as representativo from the Third CongrcBBional district of Illinois. Monday, May 8. - Senate. - The impeachment trial was resumed. Argumenta on the question of jurisdiction were completed, and the counsel were informed that they need not appear again unt il notified. The court then adjourned until Monday, May 15....Sargent submittod a rcsolution setting forth the jnjurj' reRulting from Chinese iinmigration, and instructing the Óommitteo on Commerce to consider the subject and report a bilí placing adequate restriertiona upon the imniigrii'ion of Chinese to this country. Agreed to. House.- Tho bill to carry into effect the Hawaiian treaty was passed- 116 to 101 Hale offered a resolution direoting the beveral committeer of the House, charged with investigation, to conduct auch investigations with open doors while auy testimouy is being taken. Rejpcted- 69 to 91. ...An investigation into the management of the New York Custom-houeo was ordered. . . . Wells (Miss.) asked ieave to oflfcr a roBOlution directing the Secretary of War to isaue 600,000 rationB to sufferers from the lato overflow in the State of MissisRippi. Objected to. . . .Rand all offered a bill providing for the coinage of $25,00U,000 additional Bilver cein to that already authorized....Conger was appointed on tho Select Oommittee on Federal Offices in Lonisiana, in place of Crapo, excused.


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