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The Central Committee At Detroit: To The Ladies Of The State...

The Central Committee At Detroit: To The Ladies Of The State... image
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Ju ilio noxi Siynal iho Connniitcc will pre ent uu nddrena I thu Lnditd of ilisa Sintc for liiu aid f their Clmslinn nnd benevolcnt efibria io prouiotc the fcucrüd cruise of cniíiiic()aiion. Tlicnu t elavery cnusc iö bated ti)on princijiloa f;ir dce ir, nnd bruador: iar more holy nnd cons.-iunccloqcbing, tlian ilnse of polnícs. Tlio cause oí God: ilic cl.'iiins of hejtlu n in our vciy mtdsl: iho upptiaJ ot ilic scvered vü"c. oud borcaved niotijfis: ilic it:irs üf outiaycd fêuiolc: nnd Uie iroafia of cnsloved niilüonp, ivhoré bUu'.I iney nd symj.ntliy. if iioi i'j iho feinalc. henrt, nnd vvhere the r'edrtssing advócalos, f vonan jjIcüi] ii for ilicni'i[iriprcsscd wfth these views: fceling the injustiee whic-h has of late oxcliidod ilic ladiea fruni ilicir proper share n ourcummon object, and rcilizin tlioir efficiency, llie Committee will rvüpcctiully addrcM you néxt week, und sugcs: iltc furmaiion of UDLEfl K.NKVOr.KNT AKD ANTISLAVEKV SOCIKT1KS ijiroughout ilio Siale. liaving for tlic-ir oliject the promotion of emaneipation. and the inaiutenmic of a lectrrer in the State. Thai locturer should be Hcnry Bibb, ilie fu;itive frojil slavcry - the bercaved husband, anJ the ypoüud Ijtlicr - in whosc person aro outiayed all tliose ejnn)atl)ie8 wliicu dweil a-J cherished n ilic amale licart, and who now has bilt lo ween nvrr a lost wife, and a doomed dauyhter. To pui hmi nip the field as their advocate, and to ptiblish hia life and uarrative, now proparing for the press: and to devise ways and means to promotc the cinuneipallon of the Amer ican slaves, are objects worthy of the ladics of tlio Stnto of Michigan.The Ladies of Grnss Lnke, and of Jackson having expressed tlieir onxiety to pioneer the way in tliia branch of chris iin duty, t!io chairmnn of iho Central Coinmiitee will deliver tin addiees to the Ladies of these places. At Grass Lake, on Momlay ovcning. May lth, ut 7 o'clock. At Jackson, on Tuesday evcning, Rlay 5th, at 7 o'clock, And wiü present the claims of the cau60 for tlicir atd.