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Progress Of Delusion

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Whcii men nllow thcmsclvcs to depart lïoiii tliu goyernneni of legitimóte rules of reaeóning, there is 110 predicting tlio cxteni to wíiicíi ihey will go in nbturdity. Wc liavc lind occasion to (hink of tfiis (rom reading tho muncious nolicca ia our cxclioiigesof tho Secoml Advent pcopl,e. Somc, or rather many of these, have givon thcniselvcs up to the grosscat dclusions, and m;id( (liemsclvcs anicnablc to the Inws of tho land for the practiso of crimue. Wc learn from a crtdiblc source, that sonio in thia State, once accounted pious and rcspcctablc peoplo, hnvc cut loose from rcason nnd coniinon sensc. They say thai the worUl liats coino to na end, ns piedictod by iMiller,.ahliough nol in the way lic anttcipatcd:iliat i will bc a iliousand ycars in purifying, and wijl thcn bccomc llic evcrlnsting hcritage of tho saints: ihit Timo has endcd, and Eternity already conimcnccd, and ihe Saints will not be sick or die any more, Sec. &c. 1'Jiis ncw version of tho delusion is saidto have been brought fromOhioby onc of the sécond Advent pieiclnró. The extravagances of ihcsc eniliusiasis, howev er , skould not bc nü?cd ayainat ihe whole body of Second Advent beliuvere, the greater part of whom we supposeto be s)ber and excmplary in iheir lives.