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In I'cwaukie, the Liberty ticket was defeatcil - whiga and demócrata combining against it as usual. Their avernyc niujority, howcver, on on aggregatc vote of JG), was very srnctll, not more than G or 8. A similar result, 'iy similar means, was also efTected in Lisbon; rnd in New Berlin and Vernpn, wc are infonncü, our candidatos Were defeated by very lean mojantes. Whercvcr o party contest was had, so far us wc have learned, our friends have done wolf. From Racinc county we have gratifying intclligcncc. In the lown of Southport, the avcrogo libcrty voto was 84, deni. IS5, whig J5J. A friend writcs - "Our voto has largely inercased eince last (all, and is now about onc-fifth of the whole vote."lu Jiristol the libcrty men carricd ihe d:iy on thcir wholc ticket, wiili onc or two exccptions in the minor offices. Tlic vote on cliairman stood, Upson. Lib. 45: Wood, dein. 44; Union ticköt; 37. Last fall, the libcrty party polled only 11 votes in tliis town. Fiicnd B'a letter, giving (lic particulars, next weck. In Pleasant Prairie. 27 strnit liberty votes wcre ca8t, out of a poll of üó- a (ule less than one-third of the whole vote. Bui 5 libcrty ballots were polled in this town Inst year. In Salem, vo quoto irom the letter oí a correspondent, -thc combined influonce of shvery. rum, whigery, nnd locofocoisin has deícated the liberty nominations by a mnjority of twelve I votes. 1 3U voles wcre polled, of which the liberty candidato fur cliairman, Mr. Benham, reccived 58, nnd his proslavery anti-refonn opponent 70. Tlic highest liberty vote over polled in this town was 35, and I tlunk tho recent vote presenta n gratifying cvidence of procress."