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Congressional Industry

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Tho se--sion of Congree3 commcnccd Doe. 8, niid on ihe 8ih of April had laatcd 17 weeks.- On thot day the correspondent of the Albany ■ Patriot writes: "This is tho First timo during the session that the Señale had held a 6tt:ng after Thursdny in 'he week." Thus one-third of tho time is lost, omouming to $10 a week for each Senator, or $17.000 for the 17 weeks. Who cares? Is there not moncy enough in tne trcisiiry? And if thcre should bc i doficiency, con't the TnrifT be roised, 60 thai t will bring more? The peoplo who pay it never would discover the diJerence.ÏÏJ" The Detroit correspondent of the Marshall Stn'csman sas: "Thcrohnve bcon sevcral Temperance meetings held in tho City within a week or two. - The Tcmperance people nre preparing to put the Liccnae Law of '45 in full force, and prosecute I for evcry violntion of t as yo have resolved todo ot Marshall. OurCity, you recollect, voted I "No Líbense" at the late Charter Election. - I .Most of tho old tavern Liccnses, however, run ncarly a yenr yct, so that there wil] bo an obundance of placee where ihe "üijuid firo" wi]l be 80ld.M I