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Phonotypy And Phonography

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We have received tho first numbor of the "Ameiucun Fonograkic Jurnul, Andruz and Bol Fonógrafo Institushun, 339, Woshinjlun strot, Bostun, Janeuri, 184G." This is a work of eight pages, printed on copperplute, with Phonographic character, and is designed for the "initiated" only. Price $1,00 a year. We have paid some littlo atlention to the newly inventod modes of pïmting and writing. Of the former we haven very favorable impression. The number of letters in the new Alphabet is 42, being one letter for each sound: whereasin our present alphabet, some letters represent four or five sounds, or more, and some are entirely silent, rcpresenting notliing. On tho new plan, it would be impossible to spcll wrong, and the art of reading is easily acquired. We think ! the System, substantmlly, will come into general use. As to Phonography, or writing by sound, the general plan is. a good one, but we Imve the impression that thochar-i acters are badly choson, and the writing not easily rcndered legible. Time and experience wilJ demonstiate whethcrwo are right.