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A Million Postage Stamps

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Sevoral times thcre have been pubished séorics to the effect that some ?ood little boy (after the mauner of the ïiunday school books), animated by a noble arnbition to distinguish himself, ïad undertakeu to collect 1,000,000 deaced postage stampa, but usually these stories are diseredited, and cynical people intímate that the statements are winted to cover design on the part of lishonest persons to collect large quanities of old stampa, and then by renioving the canceïing marks, dispose of them as new stampa to the innocent md unsuspecting. Here is a story, lowover, which is strictly true. Some ;ime ago a young girl, a pupil in añ up;own Sunday school, over which one of our dry goods princes presides as superintendent, received a promise from a weaithy gentleman, a patrón of the school, that if she succeeded by July 1 in collecting 1,000,000 ho wouid settle an annuity upon her siufïicient to support for life. She communicates this extraordinary promiso to the aforesaid superintendent, who told her to get it in writing. She obtained the witten promise, and now the superintendent is assisting her to procure the reqtiisite nuniber to obtain the annuity. He has already interested such flrrns as II. B. Olaflin & Co., Peake, Opdyke & Co., Keane & Frayne, the Home Insurance Company, and others who receive a large number of letters, and already she lias on hand nearly 400,000 old stamps. 3he had received over 20,000 from Claflin alone. Doubtless if any of your readers wish to assist in this laudable enterprise, contributions to either of the tiouses mentioned will find their way to


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