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- We are almost reconoiled to the defeat of Thurmau's f rienda in the late Ohie Convention, by the tact that the platform they presented was little or no better than the on e adopted by the conveution as a send off to .William Allen. The defeat of Thurman dates back to the conyeution of 1875. A little courage then wouid have resulted ia victory now. The lease of life giren to the rag-baby made its nurss arrogant. - Gen. Custer has an article in the June number of the Qalaxy, " War Memoirs," which furniphes u olue to the bad odor which attaohes to him in Administration circles. He ia too oomplimentary to Gen. McClellan, and not enough to Gen. Grant. Kead this sentenoe : " The defeat of MeClellan was not the result of combinations made either in the Confedérate Capital or in the camp of the Confedérate army, but in Washington ": and much more of the same sort. - Torn Scott - Col. Thomas Soott - comes forward and awears that he is the man who sold those worthlusa Forl Smith & Little Rock Kailroad bonds to the Union Pacific Eailroad Company and pocketed that $64,000. It was the way he" took - the director consenting - to inoreose bis mere pittance of a salary ($8,000) to a more liberal figure And yet aoine of the friends of Blaina' Republican rivals are still unhappy They do want to saddle some steal o other upon the ex-Speaker. - Chronio bronchitis : that is th disease witu whioh Speaker Kerr U afflicted. His pbysician has sent him for the summer to the uiountains of North Carolina, and aaya that he eannot teside with safoty in the iualarial clime of North Corolina. Does Dr. Hammond mean greenback malaria ? - Arms Thompson, chairman of the Ohio Democratie State Committee, reports at Washingion that '24 of the 42 district delegates are for Thurman and 16 for Allen. - In secret gession on Friday last Senator Christiancy made a lengthy speech againat the Senate's jurisdiction iu the Belknap impeachment case. - The Iiidependant - a gemi-religio paper publisbed in New York - is out for Blaina for President. Henry C. Bowen is the man who owns and oontrols the Jtuiejiendnt. " Nuff eed." TllE Hillsdale Dcmoarat of the 19th inst. had the following : " Hon. Henry Waldron is spending a few days at home. We understand he positively declines to be considered a candidato for rouoinination. Probably the political outlook don't please him." That word " poaitively " has a good sound, bat we shall know the real meauing of it sometime next August. Declining "tobe oonsidered a oan didato " isn't exactly declining to be a candidate. Nevertheless it is in order for Childs, Cutcheon, Boies, Rynd, Willita, Spaulding & Co., to do thoir " level beat." TllE Deiaoinocracy of Ohio have proved the falsity of the old adage, " A burnt child dreada the tire." Bill Allon and soft-nioney defeated thera in 1875, and now they propoae to doublé the dose. The maxim is " Tlie hair of the dog will cure the bite." m i i -- i , m Tke Ionia County Eepublicans have a candidate for Lieut. (iovernor, - Hon. Alonzo Sessions, - and three candidatos for Congress, - Hampton Kich, Q. W. Webber, and E. M. Marblo. A " heap " of great men up there.


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