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Krom the Cleveland l'laiu Dealer. We publish in thig issue a full report ef the State Detnocratio Convention held at Ciucinnati on 'i'uesday. Xbe notuinees of that Conrnntion are good men, and we shall support theiu ; but let it be distiactly understood that wa repudíate the platform. The latter is the production of a packed and prejudioed body - packed by a set whose policy is rule or ruin, and prejudioed and poisoned by its Cincinnati organ, which demands that evsrything must be squared by its narrow viowa ut men and principies, ever standing reudy to malign the bent men ot the party it professes to belong to, if they refuse that subserviuncy. As will be seen by onr account of the proceedings, two report were presented to the Convention by the Committee on Resolutions, a majority and a minority report, and the minority report was adopted by a vote of 368 to 300. The latter must be reoeived at the formal expression of the Convention. Itg meaniug is siiuply inflation and repudiation. The language of diplomacy is used. " A sound currenoy equal to the wants of trade and induatry," sounds well, but nothing is more certain than that the eousummation of a policy based on thisspecious platitude would bring an inflation as wild as the wildest rag inoney uianiac ever dreenied of ; and the poorer classei would find, in tke end, that they were the losers instead of the gainers by such madura. We are positive that the Democratie party are not in aooord with this idea. The question of inflation was a prominent one in the oanvass of last fall ; and although the sohool question had much to do with our defeat, it is silly to deny that the vagaries of the paper men aleo contributed largely to that result. The opjxjsitioii successfully used the inflation principie in our platform of 1875 against us ; and now we see our so-called leaders not only forcing a reindorseinent of that principie, but putting forward the only man who, as its figurehead, was beateu for a re-election, as the Democratie candidato for president ! We don't know but the Cincinnati Enijuirer and its claquem cali this wisdom, but to us it looks like a lun.icy that deserves a straight-jacket. The platform reported by the msijority of the oommittue commends itself to good men of 'all parties., and would have had our hearty indorsement. The authors thereof holding to the tinie-houored principie of the Democratie party, tb at the only real inoney in tho world is a metallic moaey, favor a return to specie pyinuut, " when the same din be done without seriously disturbing the business of the country," and to tb at end tht-y demand the repeal of the Resuuiption act of 1875. What more uould be asked 'i Here are the interests of the business public and the public at large carefully guarded, and the Democratie party, at the same time, placed in accord with a sound principie of cconomy. The two factions in the Convention were pretty evenly balanced. But our belief 8 strong that the defeated resol utions reflect the views of the Ohio De mocracy. It seems incredible, with the result of lat fall staring theai in the face, there could have been enough in the Convention to have ranged Ohio, in the Presidential campaign, under a leadar whose name is a syaonym for defeat, and a flag upon which are inscribed " Dishonor " and " dishonesty." Therefore let us repeat 4bat the Plain Dealer spurns and repudiates the platform of Tuesday, while supporting the noinineeB of the Convention. We shall make no fight except on the platform of the St. Louis Convention, We do not propose to be driven into the advooacy of oifeusive notions by men who achieve their onda by brow beating and and trickery.


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