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GlASS Tops MEHJL cnB "V" Htj COHANSEYGLASS MFGCOJ MfRSWINDOW E1ASS.BOTTIES SC. PHItADKLPHIA e.,e„B5 .,. PRICES REDUCED. New Excelsior Lawn Mower. Largest Sale of any Lawn Mowcr in the World. It has been adoptad, and can be seen in practical operation, at Central Park, and aII other City I'íuks, Ntw York ; Government Grounds and City Parks, Washington; lioston Common, Boston ; Prospect Park, Brooklvn ; and ou almost evt-ry prominent Park thruuhout the United Staten ana ('añada. At the trial held in New York City, on the 25th of June, 1874, the New ExoSLSIOB whh awarded the First Premium, a Silver Medal, by the Ameri can Tnntitme, in oompetition wiih all Ihe different lawn mowers made in t lus country. Prices from % 1 4 to VtO. 1580 EVERY MACHINE WARRANTED. CHADBOKN & COLOWELL WFQ CO. 3r Heinl lor Circular. Newburifli, IV, V. Sheriff's Sale. BY VIRTÜE of one writ of execution, iaauod nut of and under the seal of the Circuit Court tor the County of Wa&hteutiw, Xo me diructed and delivered, I did on the ueventh day of December, A. D. 1375 , levy upon all the right title and interest of Charlen Tripp, liarles T. Wilmo'., William W. Whedon. Ilarvey Comwell, Qeorge P. Rose, and Amhvw J. tíutherland, in and to the following deacribed real estáte, sitnated in the County of Wat-htenuw, State of Michigan, to wit : Part uf uection twenly-nme, in township two aouth, range six east, and bounded as follows, to wit: Commencing ata poi ut. on the north line f Iluron Street, au continned eaaterly from the east line of the villnge plat of the village of Ann Arbor, tbreo hundred and thirtytwo feet from the aouthwest corner of a pieceof land herctofore deeded by PMwin 8, Cobb and Willium R. Thuiap.soti, mul their wiveu, to Ann Miles ; thence running eauterly on the Houth line of Uuron Btroot, as continued eight roda; theuce northeasterly at npht angles with Maid north line of Huron Btreet oue hundred and itity leet ; thence westwurdly at rifrht ang-lrs to said lust meutioned liue, and parallel to uaid Uuron atreftt, conlinued eiht rods; thence uoutherly to the place ol' beginning, which above deacribed propefty I shall expoe lor nle at public auction to the hitfheat bidder, at the south door of the Court House, in the city of Ano Albor, on the S9tíl duy uf June, A. D. 1876, at ten u'clock a. m. of said day. Dated, Ann Arbor, May llth. 1876. 1582 M. FLEMING, Sheriff OUFFOLK PIOS. Anybody having a few extra nice Suffolk Pigs , for sale, may posslbly find a purchaser by aending their card to BOX 1359, ANN AKBOR I'. O., ] iDg age anJ jjrice. Mt ' Chancery Order. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, in the Circuit Court i for theCouoty of Washtenaw. In ehancery. Bult (leudiuR i the Circuit Court for the: Cuunty ot WuhteoAW, in chancery, wlmreiu Catharine F. Warsatm is ronil:únant, and Potor Joh&son, S ijah &L, Johnson, Audri'w ,1. Sutheriand and Henry Douglass are defendants. EFpon due pioof by aitidavit, that the defendant, Henry Doujlju. llvtt out of this state, and is a resident of the State of New York: On umLion of James 1. Wu,; of counsel for cniupkiinaut. it is unie red that. the said defendant, BLenry Douglass, causo his appearance. to this cause i" be enteted wit h in ihree motiths froni the date of thU order; and that Ín caso of his appearance be cause his aoswer to Che complalnanva biH t be ftled and a i mnv thereof to be servad on the complninant1 solii-ltur within twenty days after wrrlcfl of ■ coró o id bill and notice of this order, and in default thereof that the sald hill be laken as coafeased by the said defeudant Hciiry DouglaSB. And it is f'uriluT ordered, that within twenty days the sitid comphiinantrause this Öïïleï ti be in the Micfngan Jrgus, a oovspáper prlntud iu sffld county of Washtenaw, and that the said pubücation bc coiitinued in said paper at leat once in ach wi-ek tor sta weefes in succession ; or that ho cause a copy of ihis urder to be personally servtid on tht sail Henry Douglass at least twenty days before the time above preseribed for hls appearanoe. Datod tliis twL-lfth day of May. A. D. 1876. OËOBGE M. HUNTINGTON, Jamp.s B. Oott, Circatt Judge. Complaiajtatft Sol ici tor. 1583 Sheriffs Sule. BY VIRTUK of onc writ of execution, issued out of and uiider tho seul of the Circuit Court for the County of W;va)itnaw, to mo directed and dulivmtd, L did on the litth day of Octoer, A. D. 1876, levy upon all the riht, title and interest oí Charlen M. Fibk nn Luther Tic knor, in and to the folio win p described real estáte, nituated in the County oí Washtenaw, State of Michigan, to wit : The southeast quarter of t eet ion seven, in town four soulh ot' ruijge beven eabt ; alo, the east hall ol the northeast quarter of section twelvi:, in town four south of range ix east, all in Washtenaw Oounty, State of Michigan, which above describ ed property I uhall expone for sale at public auction to the hallest bidder, at the sout.h door of the Conrt House, in the city of Ann Arlor, on the 29tn day of June, A. D. 1876, at ten o'clock k, m. of snid day. Dated, Ann Arbor, May Uth, 1S76. J582 M. FLEMING, Sheriff. STATE OF MICHIGAN, the Circuit Court for the County of Washteuaw- In -Chancery. Marga ret A. Bcrry, conipluinant( vs. Charles S. Ilerry, dcfendant. Due proof by affidavit having been made in this cause that he defendant, Charlea B. Berry, resides out of this Btate and that he reBldëa in the State of New York : On motion of Beake êt Cutoheön. soUoitorB forcemplainant. t [i Ordered that the said Cliarles S. Berry appear and answer the bill ofcomplaint in this cause withiu Diontha trom and after the date of thiB order; And it is further ordered that the complaloani Cause a copy of this order to be publisned once iu each week, for six weeks In snoeesston. In the Michigan Argus, a newspaper priuted at Ann Arbor, in said county. ]aicd at Ann Arbor, in said oounty, April 15th, 1876. .T. F. LAWRENCE, finuit i (Hut Cootmissioner, Bbakbs & Cutcheon, WashteQaw County, Solicito. s fox Complalnant. Mi !n, g79 Estáte of Eobf-rt Powell. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county oi Wathtenaw, su. At. a seasion of ihv Probate Court lor the county of Wnnhtenitw, holden at the Probate Olnce in the city oí Aun Arbor, on Friday, the twenty-flrwt day ctf April, in the year one thousand eiKlit hundred and seventy-six. Present, Noah W. (iheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estute ot Kobeit Powell, deceased. On midinp and fllinjr the petition, duy verified, of Lydia I'owcll, praying that her dower in the ebtate of siii. deceased may be aKBined lo her. Thereupon it is ordered , that Tuefcday, the twenty-third day of May noxt, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition, and thal the deviaees, legatees, and heirs at law of suiil deceaHcd, nd all other persoiiE ïntereeited in said estáte, are required to appear at a SMBÍon of aid Court, thun to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and ahow cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not ho granted : And it ia further ordered that said petitiooer srive notice to the persons iiiterenfed in naid efl tutu, of the peudency of eaid petition, and the hearing thereof, uy ctiusinp a copy of this order to be pubübhed in the Michigan Argtis% a newBpaper printed and eirculated in uid county, three succoftsive weeks previous to naid day ot' hearing. (A truecopy.) N0AH W CU KEVER, 1580 Jud?e of l'robateEetate of liobert McCoriniuk. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, w sa. At a si'cfsion of the Probate (.'ourt for the county of Washteunw, holden at tho Probate Ottie, in tho city of Ann Arbor, on Wedneaday, the seventeenth day of May, in the yeur oue ihoueand eight hundred and seventy-six. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Robert MeCormick, deceased Williaui Geer, adminietrator dt bonisrwn, with the will anuexed oí taid estáte, Cunies iuto oourt and represente that he is now prepared to teudcr liitj account as nuco ndmiuiatnilor, and distribuir the asets now in his hand umong the legateer and heirs at law of suid deceaed. Thereupon it in ordered, that Momlay, the t welf tb day of June next, at ten o'clock in the íorenoon, De ntjKÍgned íor examining and allowing such account, and for dete ininmg who are the leñatees and heirn at law of said deceased, und entitled to such uKscts, and the share or portiun :hereof belougiug to each, and that the de visees egatecs and heira ut law of s;ud deceased, and all other piTMnis interestod in said estitte, art required to appear it a seMÉoa of said court, then to be holden at the Probate tnccity of Ann Arbor, in aaid county and show cause, il' any there be, why the said account mhould uut be illowed : And ü ú furlher ordered, that siiid idrainiRtrator give notice to the persons intereöted iu naid estáte, of the pendenoy of Baid nocount, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be pubiished in the Michigan Arus, a newspaper printed and circulnting in snid county, three successive weeks previoua to said day of hearing. (Atrue copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, L6S8 Judgeof Probate 1 fc A day at home. Agenta wanted. Outfit Ol and tenas íroe. TRUÈ & CO., Augusta, Me.


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