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Terrible Accident

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■On Wednesday ternoon three boyB of the Second ward went out to the woods in the Bouthwestern part o: the city, taking with them a large size pistol for the purpose of ehooting birds, etc., and a a terrible accident happened to one of the number, named Jacob Stiidel, aged about 14 yenra. Having ioaded Ihe pistol heavily with powder and gravel he placed the hanimer against a tenes rail, with muzzle pointing toward bis body, for the purpose of cocking, ït the hanimer shpped off the rail, the pistol discharged, tlie content entering his right groin. He was taken to hls home and Drs. Kapp and Georg were summoned to care for the wound. It was found that the wound was of sufficient size to adinit a nian's cleuched fist, that the main with nearly all tha other veins were destroyed, and that the main artery and bones were laid bare and considerably bnrncd and iujured. An amputation oi the leg was considered necessary as the firat means for dressing the wound, which was perfornied by the above doctors. The boy remained in a comfortable condition until about 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon, at which time ha rather suddenly died. A club composed of menibers of the J unior class, uuder the euphonic title of ' Duoterpsicorianclogpedality," is billed for an entertainment iu the Opera House to-morrow night, the proceeds to be devoted to paying Class day xpenses. The class being much smaller this year than heretofore, the expense of graduating per capita is proportionately larger, go that the menibers feel necessitated to provide for the expenditure in this marnier. The Sodality and Olee Club have several sets on the prograwme, and selections trom our better dramas will be rendered. The object is a worthy one. A city ordi nance was estabhshed last fall, jrohibiting any one to keep or maintain a slaughfer house withiu the city limits. Durng the cold weather no effort was made to enforce the ordinance : but at the approach of warm weather, the City Attoruey brought complaints agaiust the proprietors oi the six laughter-houses. The latter showed a bold ront, upon which our City Attorney adjourned all his cases until he should receive further nstructions trom the Councü. An extra meeting for that purpose is called for next vlouday night, at which a lively time may be expected. The feeliug of indignation is very great among the citizens of the Fourth and iHith wards, who have o long borne thia nuisinco, and tliey ars asking whether the attorney means to trille with thia business anothcr ■ear. It is to be hoped that the Couucil will his time give him all the " i nstructions " he newls tu induce him to executtt the laws. A. B. O.