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THE KAST. Philadei.phia papors aro growling abont the "limited numbers and severo ocouomy of the visitera to the Exposition"" and complain that the business of " providing for the entertainment" of guests bas been overdone The managers of tho big Centonuial show, becoming alarraod at the outcry against oxtortion, and the depresfling effect it was having upon the attendance, summoned bofore them tho restaurateur on the grouuds and compolled them to reduce thoir (mormous rates. Tho lager beer veuders have also been forced to reduco the price of tho beverago from ten to fivo conto. At a meeting of the Oentonnial Commission, last week, it was docided to make arrangements on a grand scale for a series of Fourth of July celebrations, to cover a period of six days. It is intended to make it the most extensivo and brüliant affair of tho kind over touchod off. Henry C. Bowen has been oxpelled from Plvmouth church. Gen. Joseph It. Hawx.ey bas boen re-olected Presidont of the Centeunial Board of Commissioners A Philadelphia correspondent telegraplis that hotel and lodging-houso keepers are lowerinpr tlioir pricett, and thero ih plenty of room for all who come. In many instances persons who expected to rent their rooms for high figures and go to the seaaide on the proceeds find themselves thus far without a einde lodger. 6 The foroign Commissioners havo boeome disgusted at the slowness of the Centennial Commiseion in appointiug the foreign jurors. They held an indignation meettng the other day in the British Government building, on the Centennial ground, and talked very strongly about the shabby way in which theii jurors have been treated. Willjam Heney Hurujert has purchased the interest of Mautou Marble in tho New York World.. ..The Sunday liquor law is being strictly enforced by the New York pólice and there is great indignation araong tho saloonkeepers in consequence. The expecteS universal hegira to the Centennial has not vet taken place, the attendance of people paying fifty cent apioce to seo the great Exhibition having, on no day since opening, excoeded sixteen thousand. IHD WEST. Advices from the Black Hills report that tbree men were recently killed by Indians while prospecting near Cimter City. . . .The sentence pronounced by the United States court at tit Louis against Williani McKee aud Con Maguire has been carried into effect, loth being incarcerated in the county jail. All efforte to obtain pardon or commutatiou of the sentence were unavading, tho President remaining firm to the last in his refueal to interfere. Gen. Cbook's campaign against the Sioux opons in anything but a way to inspire hopes of a glorious onding of tho campaign. Tho first night out from Cheyenne, when still about .00 miles from tho savages, sixtv-five of his mendeserted, talung their arms, "horse aud accouterments....Ex-Gov. WUlis A. Gorman. of Minnesota, is dead. Supekyisok Jíeieii and Iïevenue AgentColony, assistecl by two Deputy Marshal, seized foür illicit stille, in Cape Girardeau county, Mo., last week. They metan armed mob and were compelled to dtsist from a further prosecutiou of their work. There are from seventy-five to 8 . hundred more slills in operation m that S6ction of the country, and Col. Meyerhas aeked Commiseioner Pratt for a forcé sufficient to enable him to break them up. SOÜTH. A TZLE3BAM from New Orleans says : " The latest dispatches report everything quiot at Bnyou bara. aurei niu, and Woodville. Eeports of the trouble were exaggerated. One wnite man and two negroes killed and several negroes woundod cover the casualties as far as nown."....Ex-Gov. Bnllock, of Georgia, has been taken back to Atlanta under a requisition rrom the Governor, after an absence of five yeare. Another daring stage robbery ia reported from Toxaa. One stage and two backs full of passengere were stopped by highwaymen on the open prairie, eighteen mUes west of Dallas ltefore nnisbmg tbeir work another hack full of paseengers carne up. On being ordered to stop the dnver put tho whip to his borses and escaped Several shots were fired by the robbers, and one of them followed the hack some diatance. The fire was returned by the passengere, bnt no one was burt. As soon as the robbors secured the booty, which, it i reported amonuted to S7.000, they shot thoir own horaes, mounted tho best ones beloneing to the stage and rode toward ihe Indian Nation Gejt. Auotii felegraphs from New Orloans to Secretary of War Taft, under date of May 19 : "The troops under my commaud are all ready to promptly earry oat your instractions to më to protect Federal and Stato officials in tlie performance of their dnties, and to auppresa and prevent as far aa possible law violonce The commandant at Bayou Sara reporta to me that the disturbances are practicaliy over. The diffiooltaes at present are principally in MisA Richmond (Va.) dispatcü says : " A firedamp explosión oceurred on Saturday at the old Mid-Lothian coal-pit, in CheaterSeld county, by whieh eigbt men wero killed and two badly injiired. Five of tb o killed were white and two colored." GKNEKAI,. The forty-sixth general assembly of the Cnmberland Preabyterian Church of tho United States convened at Bowling Green, Ky., on the 18th of May; and on tho samo ilay the Old School Presbyterian general a'iserably met in New 'York city.... Hon. 8. 8. Burdett, tho Commisaioncr of tlie United States general land ofiico at Washington, has resigned, owing to ill health Tbe fichooner Tliomas C. Sweet was rocently'capmzodbyasquall in Lake Erie, and six of her crew drowDed.... The steamer Pat Cliburne oxploded one of her boilers on tho Ohio river near Shawneetown, III., a few nights eince' Five or six persons were killed, and several others injured. Tdk general conference of the Methodist Church at Baltimore, last week, authorized the appointment of a committeo of three ministers and two laymen, to meet a similar committee autlionzed by the Church South, and adjust all difliculties in the way of a formal fraternity botween the two clmrches. . . . The sad nows comes from Canada that, in addition to the ordinair oxponse of a summer's pleasure tour in the wilds of that country, a íishintí tax of $1 a day will lienceforward bo levied upon every citizeu of the United States going thither to got the finny Kanuck on his hook. Another installment of Chinese immigrants, mimbering 000, arrived at San Francisco by stoamer last week. Miss Jüija Matiuews, tho well-kuowu opera-bouffe singer, died at 8t. Louis last week. Her remains were embalmed and sent to Eugland. A telegram says : "Gov. Kellogg has been snubbed by the PreHiiieut. Oen. Graut is reported to havo. told lijm that if ho were at liis post in New Orleans discliarying his duties, instead of asking for troops, ho would be ablo to i roservo the peace ; that he had abundant means and authority to put down disorders without getting tlie United States into complications with Stato afluirs. Tho President added with vehemeace that ho waa tired of boing annoyed with Louisïana affaire, and he hoped Kellogg would attond to bis duties as au executivo oflicer." WASHINGTON. At a Cabinet meeting the othor day the Louisiana riot formeel tho principal theme of diacuasion. The rosult of the couferonce waa the Bonding of a telegram to Gen. Augur, commanding tlie United States forcea in Louisiaua, inslructiug tliat ofticcr, on requiaition of the Governor, and it appearing that the local authorities are not ablo to preserve order, to givo such aid ns in his discretion may bo necessarv to prevent bloodshcd and violenco New eetimatcB forWar dopartment apppropriations have been sent to üia House of Representativos bv Secretary Taft. The sum total i Í5.R07.605 loss than the estímate f urnished by lïelknap. The Senate Judiciary Committoo has reported a bilí to amond the Enforcement act to obvíate tho objoctioue auggeted in the Supremo court'e decisión. The Iïepublicsm Senators intond to pass a bilí at an oarly day. Postmasteb Genebal Jewxu. deiúes that he intends resigning .... Speaker Korr is regaioing !ii bcalth. A PLAH for compelling tho Pacific railroad companiea to commenco providing for tho payment of their debts to tho Govormcut ha been maturcd by the Hoime Judiciary Committco. It contemplates, in the case of tho Union Pacific, that -f750,000 sha!l be net apart annually for ten yoara, and $1.000,000 annually tlieroafter, nntil tho siuking fund tliua created sljall wiie out the bonds advancjrt to the compauy by the Govrnment. It is proponed to apply an cqual ratio of annual paymouts to the total debt to tb e otlier companiea. Atty. Gen. PieiTcpont decides that Gen. ychenck is still Minister to Eügland. .... Tho President has stated to a friend that on t-l0 expirstion oí bis Presidential terra Ue t end to malí o the tour of tho world Joh Sherman, Jr., son of Senator Shennan, o Ohio, ha boen appointod United States Mar süal for New Mexico. Tira President, Jast week, Bont to the Senate (ho following uorainntiOns : Edwards Pierre pont, of New York, to bo Minister to Englaud Alphonso Taft, of Ohio, to bo Attorhey-goi eral. J. Donald Cajneron, of PenhsYÏVania to be Seeretary of War. ïlio Senate, In exoo ulive session, oonflrined the nominations. FOLITIOAt. Wiixiam H. Baenuji, Domocrat, has boe elocted United States Senator from Connoct eat, to fill tho miexpired term of tho late Sena tor Forry Uninstructed delegatea wer olected to the St. Loras convention by the Ne vada Demócrata. Tilden is nnderstood to b their flrst choice, and Thurman second. The "Liberal" conference callod by William C. Bryant, Horace Wliite, T. D. Woolsey, A. H Bullock, and Cari Schurz, met in New York lae week, about 300 prominent gentlemen acswer tho cal). Theodore Wooleey was olected president, and ono vice-president chosen from each State repreaented. Sidnoy Thomas, o Chicago, offered a resolution putting forwari Charles Francis Adams as a candidato, bnt i was rejected, tho sentiment of the eonferenc being in favor of naming no man, but of looi ing to the Ciucinnati and 8t. Louis convention for a candidato, and if both failed to give them a suitablc candidate, ihen to nomínate an " In dependent Reform" ticket. An executiv committeo, mth Cari Schurz at ita head, was appohited, and an addrees to tho American people, calling upon them to suppoit the reform movcment was adoptod. The Alabama Republican State convontio has appointed delegatcs to tho National con ▼ontion. They sre not instructed, but are sai to be in favor of Bristow for President. Thomas M. Peters was nominated for Governor Th Ohio and lowa Democratie State convention wero held on the 17th of May. The Ohio con vention adopted a soft money resolntion, and Instrncted the delegates to St. . Louis to voto for William Allen and nominatod the following State ticket Secretary of State, Wm. Bell, of Licking coun t'y, by acclamation ; Judge of Suprema Court, Wm. E. Finch,. Perry county ; Member o Board of Public Works, H. P. Clough, Butle county. The lowa platform f&vors an earl. return to specie payments, but demanda th repeal of the resumption act of 1875. Th delegates to the National convention were in structed to voto as a majority of the delega tion shall direct The Tenneasee delegation to CincinEati is said to stand as follows : For Bristow, eleven ; Morton nine ; Blaine, threo The New Jersey Repnblican Stato convention assemblcd a Treuton, on the 17th of May, and cliose dele gates to the National convention, a majority o: whom are said to be favorable to Biaine ... The National Prohibition convention ftsecm bied at Cleveland, on May 17, adopted a plat form, and nominated Oreen Clay Smith, o Keutucky, for President, and G. T. Stowart, o Ohio, for Vico-president. The Kansas Democratie convention, in session at Topeka last week, adopted a resoluüon demanding the ropeal of the specio-roeumption act and instmeting the deleg&tes to St Louis to vote for Heudricks The Kentuckj Eepublican convention was held at Louisvilf last week. Tho delegates to Cincinnati wero instructed to support Bristow The Delaware delegation to the Cincinnati convention is sak to be solid for Blaino The National Independent Executive Committoohasorganized by electing Moses A. Field, of Detroit, Chainnan and Thomas J. Durant, of Washington Secre tary. Sexator Booth says he doas not intend to pay any attention to bis nomination for Vice president by the Independents. Tiie President lias appointed Merritt C. Page United States Attornoy for Montana and Charles E. Mayer Uuited States Attorney for tho northorn and middle districts of Alabama. A Washington dispatch says the Cabine changes and the nomination of Judge Pierre pont as Minister to England were the occasion of great surprise in all quarters. So carefall; had the intentions of the President in tuis regard been coucoaled that, with the exception of Mr. Fish and tho gentlemon personally interested, the other mombers of the O&binet were not aware of the arrangement unül the nominations had been sent to the Senate. FORKIGN. The London Times' Berlin dispatch says the result of the conference of the ambassadors of Hussia, Germany, and Austria is a resolution of the tbree powers to ask the Sultan for additional guarantees for the execution of the reform. The scheme, if approved by the Western powers, will be recommended by the Porto in a note. If the Porte wishes the desired conCfcsaions, the écheme will not be submitted to the ihsurgents, who wül be requested to lay down their arms. If the above project falls throuy;h in ai;y of ita succossive shapes, a conference of all the powers will possibly be proposed. A BispATCH from Conetantinople says: "TIio dedication of the new EngliBh chttrch has boeu indefmitely postponed, at the reqnest of tho British Ambaaeador, who had consulted the Minister of Pólice on the possible eonsequeneea of tho ceremony. Softaa and Mussulman rougbs are bnying revolvers, daggera, and oth 3r weapona, and the Christians have reaorted to similar precantions The French Chaniber of Deputies has defeated, by an overwhelming majonty, the bilí granting amnesty to the Communist prisoners, exiles, and refugees It is reported tbat England does not agreo to the propoeitiona which resulted from the Berlin conference. 8m Samuel Buckley, a member of the British Parliament, and a large Manchester manufacturer, has failod for $2,500,000 A cabio dispatch says the refusal of the British Government to adhere to the memorandum of the Berlin conference, is feit as a seriona diaappointment.. .. Matamoras has been evacuated by the Mexican revolutionists, and the Government f orces are in possession of the city. The Ohancollor's medal at Cambridge Uiiivorsity, England, has been awarded to an undergraduate named Dale, forapoemon "TheCentcnary of American Independence." A Vienha dispatch says the mental condition of tho Snltan causes great apprehenaion. He is subject to delusions, fearing that he will be bnried alive or poiaoned A dispatch from Madrid aays 30,000 troops, includhig three crack cavalry regiment, are under orders to sail for Cuba Sept. 1. England haa communicated to foreign represeutatives at London the text of her reply declining to agree to the conclusions of the Berlin conferonco. The point to wbich England principally objecte is the decisión of the powers that in case their friondly intervontion should not prove pacific the Bix powers unitedly would have to consider other and more offoctive measures. England thinks thia contains the principie of armed intorvention, and s a menace to tho liberty and indopendonce of Turkoy. Uisraeli has Jiotified the British Parliament that the Fenian convicta need not hope for pardon at present It ia rumored that the Sultan of Tnrkey contemplatea an early abdication Ittiesia haa sent a large irön-clad fleot to Turkiah waters.


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