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Telegrama from Choyenne convey the following interesting news : Gen. Crook's visit to Bed Cloud Ageucy to secure the services of Ogallala scouts for field duty in the coming campaign against Sitting Buil has been unsucessful. He returned to-day to Fort Laramie, accompanied by Col. Stanton and Lieut. Burke. The Indians were at first apparently wüling to act as scouts and guides, but fiually refused. On the way from the agency to Fort Laramie Gen. Crook narro wly escaped ambuscade. A short time af ter he left me agency, about fifteen miles out, Charles Clark, mail carrier on the Gilmore, Salisbury and Patrick road to Camp Bobeson, was killed by the same party that laid in wait for Gen. Crook. Clark's remains were taken to the agency, and the Indians succeeded in running off four horses of the mail team. A telegram was received here to-day from Col. Watt Patrick, announcing the murder of Jim Sanders, May 9, on Sand creek, by Indiana. Sanders was one of Prof. Jenney's mining corps that prospected the Black Hills last season. Deeeased leaves a family, who live in Cheymne. Three other miners were also dlled at the same time. Gen. Crook left Port Laramie this ifternoon for Fort Fetterman, whero the ;roops rendezvous a week from to-niorow. A part of the erpedition at Fort Russell leaves tomorrow morning for ihe north. Dispatches from Fort Fetterman furnish the following items : A gentleman from Salt Lake amved his morniug from Custer City with excellent specimens of quartz. He carne with a large party. They saw Indians, ut were so watchful and well guarded ;hat thoy lost no lives or stock. This arty also report the northern country and creeks as being rich in minerals, md a good country for the poor man. 5ome provisions had got into Custer list bef ore the party left, so the immeliate wants of the town are satisfied. Gen. Crook, Lieut. Bourke, Aid-de3amp ; Col. Stanton, Paymaster, and Major Ludington, Inspecting Officer, rerurned from the agencies today. The nail wagon that left here on the 15th or the agencies was attacked on the 16th en miles from Bed Cloud agency. Clark, the driver, was killed. The mail nd wagon were left. Clark's body was aken into Bed Cloud. This attack was I vidently intended for Gen. Crook's party. They had passed out of the non when the attack was made about f teen minutes, when they met tho mail ragon and spoke to the driver, who was dlied a few minutes later. The Indians ould only have been prevented from ttacking the larger party by the escort nd number of the party, or by the mallness of tbeir owr paity. Eighty lodges in all have left Bed vloud on the war path. Two lodges left a few days ago, right n the face of the agent and in iipite of bis remonstrances. ■ Two of the principal chiefs, No Water and Little Big Man, went with these guerrillas. All tf tho horses and mules belonging to the Government that were in charge of the agent have been run off. Gen; Crook had severa! talks with the Indians at Eed Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies, bnt met with no success in engaging any as scouts. They positively refused. No teams eau pass from this post to the agencies 'without being guarded by troops. Matters look very bad. Gen. Crook leaves for Fetterman in the morning. The expedition will leave there about tho 25th. Five companies of the Third and two of the Second Cavalry leave Fort Kussell to-morrow. One company of tho Second Cavalry and threo eompanies of tho Ninth Infantry leave here for Fetterman Saturday. A gentleman has just arrived from the hills. Clister City is being abandoned, the miners either going to Deadwood or retuniing homo. The Indians are increasing in numbers, and attack overy train on tho road. There is a suecession of riile-pits and fortiücations all the way from here to the hills. Henry Lenze, from Iowa, was killed on Indian creek, May 9. Ho was threo timea buried and twico cxlmmed, and each thne horribly mutilated, ?calped, and dismombered. Eloven men liave thus fár been killod near Indian creok and Ked canon.


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