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Carpet-bag Rule In Louisiana

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[Washington Cor. Chicago Tribunt, Itep.) TÍio testiinony taken to-day in the Louisiana investigation has a bad look for Mr. Morey anct the general run of carpet-bag adventurers. Tho testimony ycsterday of the witneas Scelye boro in itself intrinsic evidence that it carne from a man whose credibility was in doubt, uncorroborated by other testimony. The ;estimony yesterday wonld not have jone for much, but Seelye's statement to-day shows that, even if he is what Morey und his friends claim him - a Diackniailer, a rascal, a renegado of th,e vilest sort - he neverthelcss has told the ;ruth. The testimony to-day showed, by the production of the letters of Morey, and by a vast amount of detail, that the operations of the carpet-baggers to elect ;hemselves are as bad as they can be; hat their majorities were in a great mensure bayouet majorities, and that iheir sinews of war were the plunder of ;he people. The testimony, in its deails, throws much light npon the secret ïistory of carpetbagism, and helps to explain tho renson why a considerable lortion of tho white population in the Southern States has been forced, in selfdei'ense, to remain in opposition to tlio LÍepubliean party. Thebe is an establishment at Passan, Gerniany, for drying eggs. The white and yelk are driod separately, so that iu nianufaoturing, wliere but one part is used, much expenso is saved by DÜying only what is wanted. Breakage and di1cayage are also saved. The Prussiar. Government are about to put their soldiere on a dry egg diet as au experiment, '


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