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The "independents."

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The National conrenfcion of tuO Independent party, recently held at Indinnapoíis, noitiinated Peter Cooper, of New York, for lroBideöt. and Newton Booth, of California, for Viee-president. Tho following platform was adopted ; The Independent party is called into eifetence by the necessities oí the people, wboso .ndustrics are proetrated, whose labor is de'prived of ita juBt reward by a ruinons. policy, which the Bepublican and Democratie parties refuse to change ; and in view of the iailure of these partiea to furnish rolief to the deprefwed industries of the oountry, thereby disappointmg the just hopea and expectatiqus of a suffering peoplo. we declare our principies, and invite all independent and patriotic men to jota onr ranks in this movement for financia! refornl and industrial emancipation. 1. We demand tho immediate and unconditional ropeal of the Specie Ilemiroption act of Jan. 14, 18T5, and the reseñe of our industries from the ruin and disaster resulting from its ouforeement, and we cali upon all patriotic men to organizo in every Congressional ditttric oí tho country with the view of eloctiug Ilepreaentatives to Congress who will carry out the wishes of the people in this regará, and stop tho lfeeot snicidal and destructive policy of contractión. 2. We believo tháC Üoited States noto, isBued directly by the ttoVefnment, convertiblo on demand into United States obügstionn bearing a less rato of interest, not oxceeding one cent a dy on each $100, ai d re-exchangenble for tinited States notes at par, will afford the beet cirilatinK medinm ever dovised. Buch United 8!tef! aoteB shonld be a fnll legaltender for all purpoBes, eicept for tho payment of suc.b obligations as are by eiating contracta expres'Jy made payable in eoin, and we hold that it is the dnty of the Government to próvido Btlch a eirculation for the nation to whom it bclongs. 3. It is the paramonnt duty of the Government, in all its legislation, to keep in view the füll dfrvelopment of all legitímate business- agricultura] mining, manufucturiiig and commercial. 4. We most earnestly protest againot any f urther issue of gold-bonds for salo in foreign markets, by which we would be made, íor a long period, hewers of wood and drawers of water to foreigners, ospocially aa the American people would gladly and promptly take at par all the bonde which the Government may need to sell, provided thcy nre made payable at tho option of the holder, and bearing interest at 3 65-100 per cent. per annum, or even a lower rate. 5. We further prot8t against the sale of Government bonds for the purpose of purchasing silver to be used as a substituto for our mote oonvenient and lees fluctnating fractional curroncy, ithlch, althoagli well calculated to enricli the ownefa oí ilver mines, yet, in it operation, will still further oppress, in taxation, au alroady ovorburdened people. A subsequent resolution against railroad subsidies was adopted.


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