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that a majority of the Ohio district dalegates to St. Louis are in favor of Thurluan will not support Allen. The admiradlk platform adoptedby the Michigan Deniocracy, asseinbled in convention at Lausiug on the 24th uit., will be found on the fourth pag of this issue of the Argus. Railroad fares are now being slaughtered in right lively style. $7 trom Detroit to Buffaloand return ; $12 to New York by either N. Y. C. or Erie ; and $13.85 to Boston via Albany. These are Canada bouthern figures, and other routes are equally liberal. AT the receut Democratie State Conveution. Col. J. L. Burleigh, of this city, was a meuiber of the Committee on Credentials, secrtitary of the sanie, and made the report. Hou. C. Josliu was a meniber of the Committee on Resolutious, its chairmau, and made and defended its report. Henry W. Lord, of Pontiac, is the "Barkis"of tha Sixth Congressioual district. He has written a letter to his constituents, saying that he is willin1 to accept a noininatiou for Congress. The letter is a fair and frank oue, but as he has soveral willin' rivals it remains to be seen whether or no tho oonvention will vote hini up or down. A FEARFUL revolution haa bfen accomplished in Turkey, Sultan Abdul Aziz ha ving abdicated and Murad Effeudi succeeded to the throne and government, under the following conditions : The institution of a permanen assenibly of notables, abolition of th aeraglio ; and the reduction of the civi liat to 6,000,000 piustres. The revolu tion is regarded with great favor b the Kuropean powers. ON MONDAY last the SeuaU overrule the demurrer of ex-Seeretary Belknap t its jurisdiction iu the impeachmeu case, and the House of Representativo and the respondent were ordered noti tied that judgment to that effect woul be pronounced on Thursday (yesterday at oue o'clock p. M. The vote on th principal point at issue stood 37 to 29 two Democratie Senators - Messr Eaton, of Conn., and Jones, of Florida, voting against jurisdiction. Messrs. Christiancy and Ferry, of this State, both voted against jurisdiction. Twelve Kepublicau Senators voted for sustaining jurisdiction. In THE Free Prent report of the proceedings of the recent Democratie State Convention, the publisher of the Argüs is credited with moving as a substituto to Mr. A. P. Swineford's resolution sending the tariff question to Congress without an expression of opinión, that ■ the report of the committee be adopted without the tarift' resolution, leaving that " plank " for separate action. The ruotion was made by Walter H. Dancer, of Lima, representiug the Third district of this county, a young man who has no piotective tariff nótions, but who saw in that inethod of disposiug of the matter the shortest way of avoiding discussion which inight endanger the adoptiou of a more important plank. Hon. W. P. Welles, of Detroit, made an able speech in the late Democratie State Conventiou, in favor of the nuance or coin resolution of the platform. He said there must be no double-dealing, no evasion, no exprossion of opinión capable of misconstruction or doublé construction. His appeal to the record of the Democratie party and its honored names was eloqenfr, and his portrayal of the evils of an inflated and depreciated currency convinciug. The reply of Mark D. Wilber, a convert to Democracy who has not yet shed his Republican pin-feathers, was mere rant and injured his cause, The vote of 157 to 70 against the minority " soft-money " or anti-resumption report was not a test of the real strength of parties, large delegations of hard-raoney men having left the conveution to catch early trains. The Ouio Democracy sent the pestiferous Vallandiugham to Chicago in 1864, and through him forced Penületon upon the ticket, and a " peace plank " iuto the platform. Defeat inevitable followed, despite the earnest words with which Oen. McClellan cut the shaekleB that bound him. The Ohio Democracy forced the noinination of Seymour in 1868, when there was a prospect of winning with another, if no better, man, and weighted him down with a Blair. The 0'nio Democracy, under the lead of the Cincinnati Knqnirer destructiouists, and their rag-baby allies in other States, will make trouble in the St. Louis Convention unless giveu back seats and enjoined to keep BÜence. With the average Ohio Democrat both brains and common sense are at a discount, and success is not to be won by shaping platforms or selecting candidates to his liking. The Lansing Republican goes for the Democratie platform adopted at Laa8ing last week as follows : " Their platform contains no recognition of the equal rights of all men, no words of resistance to the claims of the South for repayment of war losses, cotton taxes, and rebel debts." That's so, and then, not being satisfied with its negUct to re-euact tbe Fourteenth and Fifteenth amenduients to the Constitution.the uonveutien manifested irreverence and impiety, as well as lack of patriotism and " loilty," by neglecting to procUim auew the ten commandments or avow a belief in the absolute historical authentioity of the tirst chapter of Génesis. We assure our friend of the linjiublican that we will have these omisaions oorrected by the uxt conventiou. Tho Democracy shall swallow the Coustitution and any number of orthodox creeds, and without mental reservation, if our cotemporary up at the State's capital won'tlie awuku o' nights shedding briny tears for fear that slavery will be re-established and othr damnable deviltry perpetrated.


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