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All Sorts Of Pen-scratches

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- One sensible minister : and that is Rev. L. E. Fiske, of Detroit, who declines to be a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. He says : " Under no circumstances can I allow my name to go before any political conveution for nomination t said office." - M ark D. Wilber, of Allegan, told the Democratie Convuntion at Lansing last week, " I know Samuel J. Tilden probably better than any man present, for 1 was born and lived as bis nuighbor for many years." But as Tilden couldn't help either the " borning " or " living " we proteBt that the fact stated by Mr. Wilber ought not to be laid up against him. -The Harrisburg Tdegraph, the home organ of Senator Cameron and " my son Don " (that's the new Secretary of War) says : " We iuiplacably object to Bristow's locality. We will neTer yote for any man for President who bad the misfortune to be born south of the slave line." And Bristow has a seat in the Cabinet along side o' Dou. - The Grand Rspids JJemocrat bas something besides the " greenback craze " or it would not claim Messrs. Mills and White as oppouents of Tilden, or assert that " Heudrioks is likely to receive the vote of the Michigan delegation at St. Louis." - The wife of Avery, couvicted of couiplioity in the St. Louis whisky frauda, has been given a clerkship in the Interior Department. Secretaiy Chandler is looking after the families of the faithful. What will he do with Mrs. McKee? - Late advices froin Washington say " the inovement in favor of the nomination of Hancock at St. Louis is apparently gaiuiug grouud. Ex-Gov. Walker, of Virginia, is one of the leaders of the Hancook brigade." - Hon. John P. Hoyt, of Tuscola, elected to the last Legislatura as an uiiti-Chandler man, exchanged bis preference for the Spoakership, and is now further rewarded by being appointed Secretary of Arizona. - Ex-Lieut. Gov. Chas. 8. Muy has decided not to lócate in Detroit, and so the Lansing RépiMican has wasted its shot at " the Wayne County Democratie leaders " and the " liborals."


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