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A ticket composed of Tilden and Thurrnan would be the most powerful in America, if tbe auibitions of friendg could malte the nectsssary concessions. It is clear that New York, witb her fíve inillions of people, is iudispensably necessary to a Democratie victory ; and if Ohio should aid with Thurman, or Missouri with Broadhead, tor second place, the nomination would strike tarror into the disorganized ranks of the Kepublicans. - MuivoiUe Journal {Dem.) The Democratie party was in power for nearly sixty years. In all this tiinu na cabinet officer ever resigned oonfussing his corrupt practicas, te avoid ïinpuachrnent, as Belknap did. Nu Minister sent by a Democratie President was ever called home disgmeed and ruined, as Schenck has been. Nu Democratie President ever interfered to shield publio robbers, as Grant and Pierrepout have done. No Democratie Governor was ever drivnn from his place as was Adelbert Ames, the Governor of MÍ8sissippi, rather than incur the sure exposure of scandalous crimes. Ames resignad, and te be still more safe, left the State he had misgoverned. No shiinies like these were ever couis uiitted by the Domocratio party, in its fair and honorable rule of sixty years. -PUtuburgh Post. We must have an houest administration tirst Lefore we can settle other issue-t. ■ The people are looking with wiatful -yes to St. Louis, and whoever of the prominent Democratie statesmen is placed at the head of the reform iiiovöHient thtre will be the next Presi dent. On that. issue Bayard, Thurman, Tilden or Ingersoll will sweep the country. - Bridgeport (Ct.) Farmer. Simon Cameron's cup is full, figttratively bpeaking, and probably literally. The whirligig of time has placed in the War Department - wbich he was requested„h.y Mr. Lincoln to leave, in part because his son was getting too many fat contraéis - the son himself - Simon's owu Don. - Cinciimati Commercial. The largest and most enthusiastic State Democratie uonvention held in Michigan in fiiteen years wts that of yesterday in this city. It wui ovurwhelmingly for Tilden for President, and the deiegates are reported to stand eighteen for Tilden, three for Hendriok's, and oue uudecided. - Lansing (Mieh.) Journal. Mr. Bristow cannot be nominated for President at Cincinnati, " because he ilues not believe that a political party strengtheBs itself by oondoning the crime of corruption. On this point an irreconcilable difference of opinión exists between him and the controlling elenients of Kepublicanism. - Utica (N. T.) Observer. Peter Cooper becaine an inflationist, tbe Boston Post says, through" the discovery that his personal oomfort at long and tiresome public meetings is subserved by the use of a smallair cusbion, vrhich he inflates by the breath of bis lungs, and then sits upon. It is asserted that the Pennsylvania Camerons represent the anti-Catholie feeling of that State. There need be no doubt, then, that Grant is attempting to introduce the element of religious intolerante into the approaching canvasR. - Chicago Courier. According to tbe Des Moines Jiegüter, Bristow was counted among the Democratie candidates for President before the late Iowa convention ; and the Register says " there was quite a feeliug in favor of taking up Bristow at St. Louis, iu case he is defeated at Cincinnati." Blaine is likely to have the largest number of votes on tlin opening ballot at Cincinnati. If history repeats itself the strongest candidato is toredooined to defeat. But then you see it inuy not


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