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- 1UÜ more specimens oí rare tish have been received at the museum, -coutributed by A.Iexunder Agassiz. - The sojihomores met the freshmen at football one Saturday, and beat theiu. Score : three to nothing. -Prof. Pettee has gone up to the Lake Superior country,- f or a tour of observation among the mines. -E. H. and A. E. Brush, class of '73 (literary), were aumitted to practica in the Wayne Circuit Coiirt, on Saturday. - The junior engineers have gone to Vermontville, Eaton Co., for two weeks of field practice uuder Prol. Davis. - Prof. D'Ooge preached in Dr. Eddy's Church (Cougregational), Detroit, on Sunday last, - forenoon and evening. - The lady studeuts have organized a boat crew and propose to join the BoatingClub and practice rowing on the river. -The seniora feasted on that annual class supper ou Tuasday evoniug, at the Gregory House, and aftor that carne toasts, speeches, etc. -Dr. Cocker raiuiatered to the Ceuttal M E. Church, Detroit, Suuday last,- tlie pastor, Rev. L. E. Fiske, being in attendance upon tha General Conference at Baltiraore. , -The officers of the Literary Adelphi Society for the first semester of next year are : President, William Carpenter ; Vioe-President, Charles E. 3-irner ; Secretary, Wm. H. Butts ; Treasurer, Michael B. Donaher ; Librarian, W. Cook; Senior Critic, L. C. Huil ; Junior Ontic, W alter S. Junkms. ■ - The Btmiors have passed their last examinations and will now take it easy (unless they have couditions to work off or comuienccinent speeches or class-day exerciaes to prepare) until commencemeut. The uuder classes changad their seats in chapel on Wednesday, and the treshmen pews are now vacant. - Four new Chrontcle editors (juniors) were elected on Saturday forenoon Uut. Wm. J. Gray, Detroit ; Johu S. Crombie, Poutiac, - secret society men ; Frank C. Ferguson, Buffalo, N. Y. ; M. K. Woolsey, Ann Arbor,- independents. A committee was appointed to take uecessary steps for the incorporution ot the Chrontcle association. - The Students' Boating Club elected the followiug orlicers on ïjaturday last: President, Howell C. Moore ; Vice-President Willom V. Grove ; Secretary, H. B. Walmsley; lieasurar, J. H. Black; Managers- senior, J. S. Ayers ; junior, W. S. Jenkins ; sophomore, W. W. Nash; pharmac'y, W. B. Alderson ; Captain, E. W. Corwin ; Commander, W. W. Augur; Lieut.-Commander, W. H. "Lewis". Ensign, M. M. Potter. - Not a very large audience gatliered at the Opera House on Saturday evening last, to listen to and witnefis the performance - musical and otherwise - of the Duoterpsichorianclogpedality Society, and those who stayed away missed a good thing and lost an opportunity to " laugh and grow fat." The Sodality and Glee Club furnished some choice music, while the burlesque opera (after Thomas), the Scènes from Hamlet and Wm. Teil, and the " Parade and inspection " brought down the house. A Popular Histo ky of thk United States, illustrated : from the First Discovery of the Western Hemisphere by the Northmen to the End of the First Century of the Union of the States. By William Gullen Bryant and Sydney Howard Gay. New York : Scribuer, Armstrong & Co. The aunouncemsnt of a historical work by a wríter so venerable, eminent, and popular as William Cullen Bryant is aufücient to excite interest and command coufidence. Ripe in scholarship and years, not giveu to sensational writing or wordy composition, the reading world would expect a work of great merit, both from a lite.rary and a historical poiut of view. And such is the beautifully printed and elegantly illustrated volume ot nearly 600 pages now before us. The text begins with the earliest records ' of the voyages of the Northmen, covers the period of the Mound Builders, the voyages of Columbus, etc, and comes down to the fortnation and establishment of the colonies. The style is concise, clear, and simple ; the legenda of history have been thoroughly sifted, and nothing taken on trust ; while the political history has no taint of partisanship. A new version is given of the story of John Smith and Pocahontas, and the romance is taken out of other stories. The illustration8 of the volume are over three hundred, are original in design and subject, and are drawn and executed by the best urtixts in the country. The iudexes are full, and make it easy for the reader or investigator to turn readily to the record of the desired fact. If Mr. Bryant shall live to complete the three coming volumes after the manner of the tirst the history wül be a perpetual monument to himself aud co-laborer. Sold only by subscription, aud the agont Mr. J. O. W. Seymour is now canvassing our city. The Eclectic Magazine for June has : Modern Methods in Navigation aud Astronomy, from the Quarterly Review ; Norman Macleod, from Biavkwood ; First Days in Natal, by Lady Barker ; Some Truths about Egypt, Fortnightly Review; La Scala, the famous Opera House of Milan ; The Old Stone-mason, by Fredenck Locker ; Prulesaor Tyudall's Experiments on Spontaneous Generation ; Chaps. XXVI. XXXIII. of Her Dearest Foe, by Mrs. ALexander, and other choice selections. The number has a fine steel portrait of Matthew Arnold, with a biographical sketch by the editor. E 11. Pelton, 25 Bond street, New 1 York.