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Doings Of The Common Council

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Council niet in special sewion on Monday evening, with the all members present except Aid. Kyer. PUTITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. From Ladies' Dscoration Society of Fifth ward, invitiug Council to attend the exercises of decoratiug the Soldiers' Monument in Fifth ward ceroetery, May :iOth. Accepted. Krom the Board of Eduoation, the following: At. a special meeting of the Board of Education of District No. 1 ot the city of Aun Arbor, held May 2ö, 187H, the tollowing preamble and resolutiona were unanimoualy adopted : W hurk AS, Gomplaint is made to tb ir Board by citizens of the Fourth and Fifth wards, and cspecially by parents sending their children to the Fifth ward school, that the slaughter houHes in the Fifth ward are a niusanoe, and HWhichkas, The teachers and scholars tu aid school assert that the odor from said slaughtev houses is frequently so offensive that ifc is necessary to close tho windows and exclude the air, thus prevonting ventilation and injuring the bealth ot teachers and scholars ; therefore Resolved, That the Board requost the Common Council and the Board ot Health to take immediate steps to abate said nuisance by the removal of said slaughtor houses to some other location. Resolved, ïhat iiutesn thin h dotie it will be necessary for the School Board to ask a large appropriatiou aud taje tor the purchaso of a lot and the erection of a new school house in another locality. Resolved, That the Secretary forward a copy ot the pream ble aud ruaoluhon to the Common Council of the city of Ann Arbor and also to the Board of Health. James B. Gott, Sec'y of the Board. On motion the above was received and order3d placed on file. FBOM OITY OrFICERS, By City Attorney : Relative. to the opening of an alley in Second ward, south from Libery street between Main and Second streets, and the opening of a street in Fifth ward, bat the proceedings were correct and accordng to law, By Aid. King : Resolutioa - accepting and dopting report of Attorney ; that such alley nd street be ordered opened ; that Recorder raw warrants iu favor of persons and for mounts nained in the award of juriea, aad hat the same be tendered to such persons immediately. Adopted. Also by City Attorney : In reference to resoution of Aid. Besimer, presented at last meetng, relative to the suspension of the collection f the city license tax from saloons uutil such mounta as are due the city fwm victualing ' ouses shall be paid, reported that the ' I had not the power to make such uspenon. Accepted and placed on file. 1 Aid. Hogere suhmitted hia report as City Treasurer for the past year. Referred to comraittee cousisting of Mayor Kiiine, Recorder Kintner, and Aid. Cate, who were empowered to settle with the Trsasurer. MtSCHLLANEOUS. Leave being granted, Prof. M. O. ïyler addressed the Couucil relative to the slaughter houses along the river bank iu the Fitth ward. Ha presentad letters trom the authorities of most of the cities of the State, nearly all of which prohibit the keeping of slaughter houaes within their corporate hmits. He also presented subscribed statements of the teachers in the Fifth ward school, relative to the stench proceeding from said slaughter houses and the effect of the same upon the school ; also statements from several residents ol the Fourth ward giving their experiences of former years as well as of the present season, all of whom were sorely aunoyed by the ofensive odors almost daily arising from said slaughter house. Dr. W. B. Smith, President of the Board of Health, being prssent, was called upon and said tliat during the past year the slaughter houses had been kept in much better condition thau toriuérly, that they could still be rgarded as nuisanees, that several cases of disease were directly traceable thereto, and that it was but a question of time before the Board of Health would order the destruction of the same by fire. Altor a general discussiou by the membera of the Couucil, au ordinance was unanimously adopted prohibitiug the keeping of auj slaughter-house within the hmits of the city, except upon lands lying between Davidnon & Guitau's additiou umi the uorthern line of the city and west of the Whitinore Lake road, and not to be located within 150 rods of any street or dwelhug house ; auy building used for slaughtering purposes, for more than family uses, shall be deemed a slaughter-house. For each day's violation of the ordiuance the offender shall be liued not less than $25 nor more than $ 100, and in default of paymeut to he imprisoued in the couuty jail not less than 30 nor more than 90 days. The ordinance to take effect July let. By Aid. King : That bill of E. B. Gidley, tor services as member of Board of Health, be taken from the table and refeired to Finauce Committee. Agreed to. By Aid. King : That the Mayor desígnate ;he aldermen who with hira shall cunstitute a ícense committee, to issue licenses to exhibiions. Agreed to. By Aid. King : Resolution- that no inoney ie received by the Recorder for licensos ; that ill lieünse moueys be paid directly to the City Treasurer, and that the license be issued upon preseiitation of Treasurer's receipt. Adopted. By Aid. Ferdon : That matter of discoutinuing suits uow peudiug against keepers ot slaughter houses be left to the discretiuu of City Attorney. Agreed to. City Marshal was directed to examine two irees on Hiil street also soma trees in tront of residence of Dr. Cocker, with rctereuce to their removal. Adjoumed to next Monday evening.