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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesday, Öay 23.- Senate.- Conkling, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, reported with anaendments, the House joint resolution sugEestÍDg the interccssion of tho United tates to BOonre the release of U. O'M. Condón, who is now conñned in an English prison. Laid over. ...After reporte on a number of bilis of an iminiportani character, consideration of the articles of impeachment was rcsunied with closcd doors. No decisión was reacbed. House, - The House went into coinmittee of the whole on the Naval Appropriaüon bilí, the queBtton beíug on the discontinuance of certain navy yards. After considerable debate a compromiso waB effcctod, whereby the Bum of $85,000 was appropriated for the civil establishment of tho various ywds, and tho Secrctary of the Navy i directed to ap polnt a coiuniission, cousistiníí of the hreo highest offleora of the navy, whosc duty it nh&ll bo to reïiort to tho next session of Coucress what navy yards can be diBpenecd with ftn abandoned. The comímíUiv then rose and reported the bilí, which waa - The Indian App'opriation bilí waa then takcn up. Wednesday, May 24.- Senate.- Tho Senate passed the Houso reaolution directing stops to be takcn for tho release of Richard O'M. Condón, and then went into a court of impeachuient, with closed doors. Ucfore reaching a decisión upou the pending question of jurisdiction, the doors were reopened and the Seuate adjourned. Hoxtae.- Speakex Kcrr was in the chair, seemlngly improvetl in health Harris (Va.), Chairman of the Gomznittee on EIcctione, reported a resolution in the South Carolina coutested election caso declaring tne sitting niember, Joseph H. llainey, to have been duly elected. Ordered printed and recommitted - Tho House thon proceeded to consider tho Louisiana contested casO of Spencer vs. Mntvv, but no decisión was reaehed Wil won (ïowa) offere4 ft reeolution directing the Committe$ ti Commeroe to intuiré into the al legert combinaIon of leadlng rfiilroade in the ÏTnited States for fco purpose of controlling tnc trafile. Adcptod. TnunöDAY, May 25. - Seríate. - Wright, from lie Committeo on Civil Service and Retreuchinent, reporte, tl back the bill lïxing the ealary of the Resident at $25,000 por anmus, together with the meaeago of the esident vetoing the Banie, and refommended that tho bilí bo pascdt notwilhtandiuji the objection of the President. Flaoed os he calendar. ... Paddock, froin the (Jommitteo on 'ostofflceB and Postroads, reportad, with au amendïi-iit in tho nature of a substituto, a bill to restore he franking privilege. Placed on the calendar. . . . Che question of jurisdiction in the Bel knap im)eachment case was disenssed in secret session. House. - Tho Senate aniendments to tho bill auhoriziug the appointmeut of receivers of National banks were iion-coneurrcd in.. ..The House Uien vent into couimitteO of thn wbole, with Springer ín he ehair, on the bill to revise and siniplify exifiting aws iniposing duties on importa, and to reduce taxatio. Morrison, the Chairman of tbe Committee on Ways and MeanB, addreescd the committee in explanation of the bill. Friday, May 2C- Senate.- West, froro the Committec on ltailroads, reported back tho Senate bill to créate a sinking fund for the liquidation of Government bonds advanced to tho Central and Western Pacific Kailroad Company witli amenduieut8. and a written report on tho subject; aleo a new bill to créate a ainking fund for the liquidation of Goveromeut bonds advanced to tho Union Pacific Railroad Company, and for thosettlement of the claims of tho Government on account of eairt bonds. Placed on the calendar .... Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on Appropriationa, reported, with varioue ameudmentB, the House bill making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for che fiscal yrar. Placed on the calendar Legislativo businesfl wan then uspended, and consideration of the articles of impeachment was resumed with cibsett doors. Hotise, - Dunncll introduced a bill for the relief of certain settlers en public lande. PasBed....Cox aeked leave to offer a rcaolutíon directing the Secretary of Warto furniah the House with a statement of the number of troope now stationed in the Southern Statee, and all Information connected therewith. Objccted to . . . . Tho Speaker preseuted a message from the President vetoing the bill providing for recording deeds, mortgages, and other convoyances affecting real estáte in the District of Columbia. The mcawaííe vas read and tlio bill waa pnsand over the President's veto.... The House proceedod to oonaider the bill for tho rotirement of Judge McOaudless. The questionbeing on agreeing to the Senafa amendment providing that hc shall reaigu his offlee within Bix months after the passage of this act, 11 was agreed to- yeas 89. nays 83, and the bill paseed. Satübday, May 21.- Senate.- Tho Senato was engaged, in secret session, in considering the question of jurisdiction in the Belknap impeachment. House.- Singleton, from the comicittee on conference on the dieagreeing votes of the two Houses on the Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation bill reported that the conference had been nnablo to agree. The report was agreed to No other business was transacted by the House. Monday, May 29.- Señale.- The Senato reached a final vote on the question of jurisdiction in the Belknap impeachmont case. The decisión was in the afftrmative, the Senate deteratining, by a vote of 37 to 29, that it has JMrisdiction. The following is the vote in detail : For Bayard, Bogy, Burn aide, Cameron (Pa.), Caperton, Cockrelï, Cooper Davie, Dawe, Dennis, Kdmunds, Goldthwaite, Gor don, Hanülton, Hitchcock, Kelly, Vernon, Kev McOreery, McDonald, Maxey, MitcheD, Morrill (Vt) Norwood, Randolph, Ransom, Robertson, Sargent Saulsbury, Sherman Stevenson, Thurman, Wad leigh, Wallace, White, Withers, Wright- 37 Agaimt JuriMwtionAliBOn, Booth, Boutwell Bruce, Cameron (Wie.), Christianey, Olayton Coukling. Cragin, Dorsey, Eaton, Ferry, Freling huysen, Hamlin, Harvey, Howe, Ingalls, Jone (Fia.), Jones (Nev.), Logan, McMilían, Morrill (Me.) Morton, Oglesby, Paddock, Pattcraon, Spencer West, Windom- 29. Hortse. - Adams offered a resolution declaring 11 that, in the judgment of the House, leglslation affecting tho tariff is at this time inexpe dient." After some diecussion the resolution wen over....Goodin, from the Commlttee on Public Lands, reported a bill providing for the sale o the Osage ceded lands in Kansas to actual eettlere Passed.


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