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Michigan Democratic Platform

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Tho following resolutions were adöpt ed by the Demócrata of Michigan, at their recent State convention at Lansing: The Demócrata of Michigan, in convcntiou saenibled, oonsklering : That by a departuro from tho principies on which onr uatioli was formed the Government of the country is beiug changeti ffom a federal unión of Htates to a contraliüed oligarehy ; That the powera and troste conferred by law, inatead of being used for the heneiit óf the whole people, are uned by officials XOT their private and personal bonslit ; That professed politicians, instead of laboring for the country "s good, eeek ouly tho good of their party and themselves f That as a legitímate conaerjuentíe eorruption is found o corauion as to claim respectabillty ; and, 'belioving that the preacüt deplorablo condition of the nioraLs and buaincas intereats of the country is the rosult of a corrupt and partisan administration vrhich ignores the public good, andwitk a view, so f ar aa iu om' power, of correcting these evils, wo declaro that we recognize the following as principies held by the cónstitueney we represent, and we peraonally pledge oursolvea to labor for their goneral adoption, viz.; 1. That olficera, under onr system of government, have and should exercise only eueh powers as are conferred upon tliem by law, and these ahould be used only for the good of the whole pooplo and without reference to whether tney wül affoot the party to which the ofticeholder may belong. 2. Wo utterly repudíate the idea that thero can be any spoila of oflicb for victors inan honest; administraüon of govermnont. Officeia should have roasonablo compensation proportionate to their dutics and responsibilities, and should be held to a rigid accountability fcr the mannor in which they exerciae tho trusts conferred upon them. 3. We repudíate tho idea that candidatos have a right to manipúlate cqnventions and thrust themeelves into nomination, and we as"sert tho right of the people, unbiased by personal considerationa, to select their own candidatea. 4. That the uso of money to influenee elections is demoralizing to the poople and cormpting to the persona making auch ïiae, leading directly to corrupt and illegal reimbursement from the pubh'c treasury for tho sum thus expended for the party, and any candidato who will seek by the use of money to influenee nominations or electione is unworthy of support. 5. Ttat while political partios are neceasary agencies in cdminiatering government, yet the love of party should always bo subordínate to patriotism ; that none should be placed in nomination but suck aa are honest. capable aDd efficiont, and if, by any meana, an unfit peraon b nominated, such action is not binding. 6. That no party desorvea succees at the polls, except upon the baaia of unaelfish devotion to the best good of the whole pooplo. 7. Loaving details to legislators, we reassert that coin ia the only money recognized by the traditiona of the Democratie party as warranted undor the Constitution. 8. That when a party has been in power so long that tho principal part of ite officehoiders have become corrupt, it is impossiblo to obtain genuino reform within the party. 9. We recommend to all local Democratie conventions to placo in nominatioa such men only aa are known to be honest, capable and efficiënt, men who have the confidence of tho community, and wlio, if elected, will atrive to lessen the burden of taxation on the peoplo. 10. That we havo couüdenco that our delegates to the National convention will support only thoee who are proper repreaentatives of the foregoing principies, and we leave them free to exercise their discretiou aa to the choice of men best fitted to bring about a thorough reform in the administration of oor national affaire. 11. That in the interests of pure goverumont, outraged free inatitutions imperiled, and to redeem the American name from the stigma attached to it by the cormptions of the party in power, we cordially invite the co-operatiou of all honeat men, irreapective of former party affiliationg.


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