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Independence Day--historical Sketches

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State ov Michigan, Execbtive Oswioe,) Lakkisg, May 16, 1876. f To the People of the State of Michigan : I havo received notice fiom the office oí the Department of State, at Washington, of the passage by Congres of the followiug joint resolution : "Se it resolved by tlie Senaie and, ITouse of Representatives of the United States of America m Gongress assembled, That it be, and is uereby recommended by the Senate and House of Eepresentatives to the people of the Beveral States that they aasemble in their Beveral counties or towns on the approacbing contennial anniversary of our national independence, and that they cauao to be delivered on such day an historical Bketch of said county or towu from its formation, and that a copy of said sketch may be filed, in print or in manuscript, in the clerk's ornee of said county, and an additional copy, in print or manuscript, be filed in tho oilico of the Librarían of Congress, to the intent that & complete record may thus be obtainod of the progroas of our institutions during the flrat centennial of their existence. " Approved March 13, 1876." I earnestly hope that in the celobration of the anniversary of our national independence in this State the recommendation may be universally regardoi. Our record is yet now and familiar to us, our developmont and growth ia a history of continued prosperity, and it is eminently proper, ui this centennial year, while recalling with gratitude the beneficence of Divine Providonce in His dealings with us, that we should put upon record, for those are to come after uu, the history of a State that in íorty years has grown to be an empire with a million and a half of peoplo, educated in public 'schools, biest in a common prosperity, and unitod as citizens by a common patriotism. In addition to the reqnest of Congross that copies of the sketches be filed in the library of Congresa, and the county records, I suggest that copies be sent to the State library at Lans ing. John J. Baciley. By the Governor : E. G. D. Holden, Secretary of State.


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