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Stifling Investigation--no Immunity For Witnesses

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[Washington Cor. Chicago Timcs.J FÍndiiJg browbeating and torrorizing unavailing ín kwping their former confederates from revealing the enormities of frand praeticed iil New Orleans, the Oasy-Packard ring have worked npou the President, and he has intoríered to save theirfl. Mot of the witnesses who know anythíng worth revealiug know through past complicity with the ring that they are under tho law equally guilty with the principáis íii all the frauda whioh they are bringiag to light. The committee, however, presuming that the Department of Jnstice was in earnest in a cessation of " Bab " practioea asked that immunity might be extended to oertain witnesses if their testimony should juatify it. Pierrepont held the requestulider advice and consulted the President. That person, after two weeks' delay, with hie kinsman Oasey ccmstantly at his car, carne to the conclusión that there shoniJ be no further ifflDHinity for crimináis wLo testify against his patty. ín accordanctí with this Pierrepont sent the chairman of ihe committee this response on yesterday : Depautment of Justice, Wasuisoton, Mav ■23, 1876. - Sin : Your request in relation to immunity to Mr. Seeleyo was bofore the President and Cabinet to-day. The President had beon notified that eeveral membcrs of your coramittoo are not in favor of immunity. It is not deemod bflt to grant it. Yours respectfully, Edwakds Piebbepont, Attomey-Reneral. Now this insolent deflance of Congress and of decency means two tilinga - that he saw his kinsman, Casey, and his disreputable confedérate, and that Grant has resolved to do all he can to paralyze investigation and reform. Second, he means to shift his responsibility upon the Kepublican members of the committee, who appear to have been advising him that he might safoly defy Congress in this business. This is in keeping with the Eepublican policy in the Senate, when the immunity bilí of Proctor Knott, which passed the House as soon as reported, had been stifled in the interest of the trembling rogues who stood on the verge. of exposure. Grant's bolilness in the business has surprised even his friends, and they are profuse with congratulations among certain ckwses of Bepublicans who declare that the old man has got his war harness on again, and means to fight the rebels tooth and nail.


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