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A new Irish movement, led by O'Donovan Bossa and the Irish Worlá, has gained more headway than is suspected by the uninterested portion of the public. Of course it takes the forrn thus far of raising money from Irishmen. Kossa has gone to California to agifate, and the Irish World, which has a, large circulation throughout the United States, weekJy calis for contributions for what is described as"aslrirmishing fund. " The prof essed intention is to use the money in Secret oporations against England. " By skirmishing," says one appeal, "those connected with and controlling tho movement mean war. But war of a certain kind, war in accordance with the plans and designs best calculated to effect their purpose. Their purpose is England's overthrow and Ireland's liberation. To accomplish this they intend to harrass England by every means within their reach ; to strike her in every vulnerable point ; to use every available means to bring about her decadence and ruiu. These blows will be dealt by bodies of men, by single individnals, or in any other way that circumstances or occasion may command. As Dr. Barrow says, it makes no difference whether yeu strike your enemy straight down or slantingly, provided you kill. This the skirmishers thoroughly understand. BIjw shall follow blow in various ways, and without cessation ; where least expected, and where they cannot be met ; and each attack mtIÍ be so planned and directed as to preclude the possibility of failure. It is a species of movement, local in its action, swift, sudden and almost personal in its manifestaUons." Then follow two columns of language calculated to incite Irish hearts, and a sketch of Rossa, who is to handle the fund. The acknowledgments in the same paper of receipts show that persons are to be found who


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