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Horrible Scene At An Execution

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[ From an Account of tho Hau ing oí Samuel Frost, at Boston. J Fiost had risen from his cïiair when the reading of the warrant vm begun, and the deputy behind him had f astoned the straps around his legs and arms, and bef ore the reading. was fiuished had shut out the light from him forever by drawing the black cap over his head. ïhere was not an instant's delay, and less than flve minutes had passed between the time the doomed man first took his step upon the gallows stairS and that in which hi.s body was thrown downward by the release of the drop. The drop feil with hardly an audible sound, and the iight body of the nrarderer brought the rope to a strong tensión. The first thrill of a shudder had not run through the more sensitivo of the spectators when the body was seen spinning at the end of the rope, almost headless, a fearful tear extending over the front of the throat, and the blood gushing out in streams. Every eye was riveted on the startling and unexpected spectacle as tho body turnod round, first disclosing and then concealing this gash. The blood, torced upward by the arterial movements, spurted fountain-like upward from one to two feet, the stream falling to the floor in a circle round the hanging body. This circle extended even to the framework of the gallows, wbich Waa in many places sprinkled with the blood. The welling life-blood poured from the wound down the front of the body and trickled from the feet, forming a pool directiy beneatli the body. This recital doubtless seems full of horror, but it falls far short of the realities of the scène. For some two minutes the arterial gushings of blood continued, and the slcw dripping of blood continued a little longer. Drs. Woodward and Jewett then stepped unj der the gallows and made their examination of the body. The knot of the rope had been placed under ï'rost's left ear, almost around to the center of the neck. Frost was a man of no especial muscular development, and, though he weighed but 120 pounds, the drop was enough not only to break his neck, but to sever the spinal column entirely, leaving the body hanging by the integuments of the rear portion only. The body was allowed to hang a few minutes after the examination by the doctors, when it was lowered and carried from beneath the gallows.


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