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"tax-payer" To The Front Again

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Editor of the Abous- Sik : In yum is8u of May 12th, I limi purporte to lm ai answer to the questiony and charges which ap peared in the Anocs of April 28th, ligaed bj " Tax-ptiyer," in whicti the Superintendente o the Poor of Washtenaw (Jounty were askud tt defeud sonie charges, and expluiu some other items, which to "Tax-payer" wumed he had a right to ask, and for which he quoted nomo liuv. Have they unsworud thoso questions and givun my law for aome of their actions '( bey have not; they only reprint, and hido hriühulvus bohind, that report of tiiu cumuiitee, which was oifered to the Board of Super-ijis and adopted by thom. How ninrh reiance can be placed on that ruport 'r Let us eo. Kvciy taxpayer wliu Iiuh m his pusafaHïDii the proceedings of the Uoard of Superviors tor the year 187'', will se on page 1(5 that hts Superintendente made their report on hu l'.lth of üctober, afternuon sessiou ; and on )age 3'2 that ttie committee mude their report 0t 21, in the ton.iu.un scbinm. They had ne day's tune to examine that report, all the .tirut of which amounl nearly to $41,0OU. ')nv unido a very full and perfect report, and id il all in one day ; smart coramittee, allost as smart at) the couuuitteo of 1874. But, [r. Editor, that report of 1875 is almost veratim hku the report of 1874, and seeins to rae &9 orïginated in the same braiu, and flowed U'ough the name pen or ppncü as the report i 1874, except tobaa-.o, that is a littl difternt (the report of 1874 was not printed). I ïave seen coinmitteea make thöir reporta all ovely and right, but objection being raieed ia report was reconimitted to the same committee and their next report was quite differnt. A. committee ougbt not to be governed iy belief only, but by facts as they find them, y diligent inquiry and comparison. We see nough of tl; resulta, when committees re)Ort that they believe things all right, but afer iniiiiv yeats thiugs are tound very differut, uew committees are set to work (expetts oo), and they afcer mouths of investigation have not determined who is the party guilty f the wrongs committed. Committees ought to know that they are right, then go ahead and make their report, - errors are human, tíeieving gives satisfaction, as tar as it goet but tuth ia better, as truth consecrateB the effort and leais to victory, let us have it. Many langs might be said, but for tuis time I say ut iittie more. As for their therefore, Mr. Editor, I care but ittle, my name is ('onrad Krapf, well known, and a taxpayer. I still contend that taxpayer s the right signatura for my former article, and leave it to our fellow-citizens whether my name has not as much weight as either ot the Superintendente who sign their name, aud wmpously add their official titlus and Washteuaw Uouuty Foor-House ; but they do not owu it quite yet, do theyt - they aometimes act so. It my former communication is a tiBsue of misrepresentations, then urely their report is in some part a tissue of misrepresentatious, for I only quoted my charges und queatious trom their ruport as printed fer 1S75. Tax-Patbb. His name is Conrad Krapf.