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The Vice-presidency

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Mu. Kin rolt : In the approaching canrass second in importanca is the oñice ot Vicel'resiilcnt. Tbis proposition is indisputable, certainly, and yot it scems to havo attruetoil but littlo cousideration. As relates to the can. luíate for President, the Domocracy oi Michigan, through its appointed delegates, with great unanimity it is believed, indeed it is understood, will support Samuel J. Tilden, New York's great Kuformer ; and for the Vice-Presidsury let me aak, what more graceful or wiser thiag could our delegates do than to present the name of its honored citizen, Axpheus Fiílcii. If it be desirable to place in nomination for this office a man whose record is pure, and whose whole lite ia a guaranty against peculation, corruption, and political vice of every kind, no littor candidate can be founil here or elsewhere. Added to tlm Oot. Feich hus hirgo oxperieuce, a sound head, an 1 a ulear conception and appreciation ot tbe uecessities of the hour, and of the importauce of stuying the progresa ot' demoralization into which tho civil service has tallen. Nu man in the Democratie rauks can do better wort, or by las stainie3 character exurt a more healtliful inttueuce in bringlug tlió adinmistration 01 the geuerul goverumont back to tirst principies, and in keeping it within constitutlouul limita than he. Omb of the Pkople.