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All Sorts Of Pen-scratches

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- " Gone to meet Colfax" : that's how certain irreverent juurnals sumintir├╝y disposo of ex-Speaker Blaine. - If Blaine is to be uoimnated at Oinciunati Colfax should be uiado the candidato for Vice-President. " Natural selection " you know. - The New York Sun, saya that " Blaine's downfall inures to the benefit of Koscoo Conkling " : which is to be taken with several grains of allowance. - Fifty Kopublioaus (outsiders) are to be suiit trom Rochester, N. Y., to urge the nominutiou of Blaine for President and Bristow for Vioe-Preaideut. K:ingaroo. , - The Dexter Iitiuler, " auimat-d by a desire to see the best and ablust muii brought to the front in the caiupaign," suggests that " Hou. Qeo. H. Durand, of Klint, combines in an eminent dugree tlin elementa of a popular candidate " for ├╝overnor. - The Pontiac KepuVilicans have elected all Brewer men to the couuty convention which is to elect delegates to the congressional convention. And Henry W. Lord, who has expressed himself willin' to serve the people in that capacity, lives in Pontiac. - A rumor not sworn to : that 8ecretary Chandler will uot be a candidate for Senator, but will tbrow his influence for Ferry against Bagley. The latter huif is no douot true. - The balance in the State Treasury at the close of business May 31, was $1,208,163.11, an increase for the month of #337.49. - Blaine says that he didn't offer Mulligan a consulship to keep hiiu silent, but only jokingly asked him if he wasn't tired of his work and wouldn't like to go abroad. And now we know the exact difforenoe 'twixt tweedledum and tweedledee.


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