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Henry Bibb: State Agency Appointments

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Mr. mu ivül nddress the public ut ihofbllow i"R ttmee and plncep: Manchkstïr, May lst, in connection witli S C. Treaducll, at 10 u'clück A. M. and 7 o'clock I . M. Grass Lakc, Mny 4th, n connection wiih C. II . Stcwnrt, ntSo'cluck P. M. Jacesoít, Muy 5ti, n conncttion wiih C. H Stcwart. nt 2 o'dock P. M. Mr. Uibb will occupy tho ofiornooni- Mr. t ilio cvenng8. Ypsilanti, Mny 8tli, ni 2 o'clock P. M. AnnArroii, Mjy Ilth, 7 DjuctkK, ivfth, 7 " WeUTXR, Meoting house, Mny I4ih, at If o'clock A. AI. and 7o"ciock iJ. W. ÍÍOKTHKiKLD, Appiciun's Cunicrs, May IGih, pi same honra. Su em, Pcbbíc'a School houeo, May Iüih, at same hours. The nbovc nppointmonts, ü.tccjh thoso ot Ginra iakc and J.-.ckaon are in connection with iliose f lire Siato agont. Mr. Tnadwcll ill eo bc irescnt. Lei our fricnJs n.okc lin.cly prepnraons: let tiicm givo immodiaio nnd exiensivtloiicc: let them thuidoublfl tho cfticienry of iho ectures: nnd let them be on hand to support, nnd encourng. our State Agent in his niduona dutics