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How Not To Retrench

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[Washington Cor. New York Tribune.) The Senate Conimittee on Appropriations havo naade over 1,000 amenamente to the Legislatiye, Executive, and Jndicial Appropriation bilí. Among them are the following oí importance : The clause reducing tho compensation of Congressmen f rom 85,000 t ) $4,600 has been stricken out. The salaries of varioua clerks and other employés t Congroas, wbioh were cut down by the House, have been restored ; and it is also provided that the Architect of the Capitol shall have the care and snperintendence of the building instead of tho Commissionerof Public BuiJdiDgsandGrounds. Another amendment appro;iriates $15,114 for compensation of tha Cougressional Printer and the clorks and messengers in bis office, and $2,500 for contingent expenses. The compensation of the Librarían of Congress, which was cut down by the House to $3,600,has been restored to $4,000. The Senate committoo struck out the clause making tho componsation of the President $25,000. The appropriations for the various departments are restored and increased. In all the bureaus of tbe various departments where the House bill provided for a reduction of the clerical forcé, the Senate committeo roports amendments to restore the number of clerks and increase tho appropriation accordingly. Tho appropriation of $50,000 for dies, paper and stamps for the Internal enue bureau increased tö $(fe,C"Ctë,Mil a proviso inserted that the money snail be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. Another araondment appropriates 815,000 to employ experts and pay other necessary expenses conneoted with tlie collection of fncts relativo to the internal and fbreign cmruneroe of the United States. ïor the offlco of Assistant Treasurer at ï(ew York the appropriation is inereasftd ftoni $137,440 to $150,980, and the salaries trhich wero set dowh by the Horise r.-stored. The appropriations for the astetant treasurers at Boston, San Francisco, Phíladelphia, Balümore, St Liouis, Chicago, Cincinnfsti rtnd New Orleans, liave also been Jiiftatfed, and the salaries restored. The WBdrmd sectiou of the bilí, which provides for fl roduction of b salaries of clerks in tho varíoilá aftfartments of the Government, and fofbid employés from contributinganything for political purposes, was stricken ont bj tlie committee, and also the latter part of the third section, requiring the Secretary of the Treasury to Issue rcgulations directinga reduction of ten per cent. on the annual salaries ot Öö8torn8 offlcers whose compensation exceeds 61,200 por annuni. Tho appropriation for wages of 'otkmen and adjusters in the Philadelphia míut has been increased from $200,000 to 8350,000, and the appropriation for incidental expenses from $35,000 to $85,000. In the New York Assay office the salaries have been restored, and an appropriation of $1,800 inserted for an assistant weigh-clerk.


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